Read: Features Requests and To-Do List

    Priority: High

  1. Write mission statement
  2. Import William Collins Bibliography of English-Language Works on the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths 1844-2003. Author has already given permission and has provided a complete database, just awaiting importing. Estimated time: 5-10 hours to migrate data + 10-20 hours to program various user interfaces + 10-15 hours to program contributor interfaces + 5-10 hours to add various security and back-up features necessary for a collaborative system + 10-20 hours for things I don't yet know are needed = 40-75 hours
  3. Disallow identical file names.
  4. Add feature to retain archive copy of every incoming file, and then have subsequent edits of that file save the file to a new field. Then add an admin feature to replace new edits with old ones, in case a new edit is incorrect or has lost data. This is especially important for people who edit long files using a browser that truncates them in the text area box.
  5. Add second table to database for multiple-editor backup. This will function as follows: anytime a user edits a file that he/she was the most recent editor of, the changes are saved directly to the main database table. But anytime a user edits a file that was last edited by someone else, the old version is written to a backup table and the new changes are saved to the main table. Thus no one can mess up a file without the option of its being restored.

    Priority: Low

  6. Collections to add: chronologies
  7. Fields to add:
    Study: tablet of study;
    Book review: original book, original publisher, original date, etc.
    Translation: date translated, by whom, published, etc. Note that this is not the same as the publication of the original
  8. Fix header output to switch "Sample Title, The" or "Sample Title, A" to "The Sample Title" and "A Sample Title."
  9. Write "search tips" for, e.g. &sort= or $language= or &collection= . All currently function, I just haven't explained them.
  10. Search by author, keyword, and date using /?author=smith, /?keyword=elephants, and /?date=1970
  11. Keyword search of database itself, using local MySQL instead of Google
  12. Remove "[CHAPTER]" from "View All" option of multipart items
  13. Add "sort" field, where addition information used for sorting is contained. Examples: for Provisional Translations, this "sort" field would contain the name of the Tablet in Arabic; for Biographies the field would contain name of person being featured; for Reviews the field would contain the title of the book being reviewed. Add three fields for three sorts (e.g., a Biography about 3 people or a Review of 2 books).
  14. Other fields to add: birth and death dates for biographies; Author Note field for each author, where titles will go (Dr., Hon., Frau) and affiliations (University of Toronto, Royal Asiatic Society)
  15. Correct punctuation on Collection View output, i.e. accounting for all permutations of all 70+ fields for each item and the correct automatically-inserted punctuation for each permutation to remove extra periods, correct missing spaces, etc.
  16. Add image support, i.e. allowing people to upload images with their file and have the images sorted into a dated folder
  17. Add a PDF repository.
  18. Prevent html special character coding from displaying as html in the textarea (to prevent them converting to the actual special character, as otherwise happens, and then resaving to the database with the character coding lost)
  19. Add automatic character conversion, which will use a thesaurus of commonly-used Bahá'í terms with diacritics and then automatically add and/or remove diacritics on output.
  20. Remove the page language.php and include those functions in the Collection view (with no collection having been selected)
  21. Add comments section to registration page so I can know why people are registering
  22. Currently Provisional Translations sorts Title by Arabic/Persian title. Add second title sort feature to sort by English title.
  23. Correct data entry for Reviews collection. Need a separate field for title and author of book being reviewed, or some other consistent formatting.

    Brett's requests

  24. Search individual collections by date added to the library (B.Z.)
  25. The ability to sort 2+ categories by order (e.g., list by title then author) or those fitting both descriptions (e.g., study guides by author of the work outlined or works which have study outlines, etc.) preferably allowing user-added categories even? (B.Z.)
  26. If possible, make the Collins' database (or any other databases put online at BLO), have selected entries be accessible and viewable in the URL (to allow wiki pages, for example, to link to specific entries).
  27. Ability to browse multiple collections at once (e.g., essays, articles, etc.)
  28. Have a preferences file for each user, showing recently visited pages, favorite pages, new items not seen yet, etc. Ability to have these as RSS or the like, so they can be combined into one page for viewing.
  29. Make Collins database link (if ISBN numbers or the like are present) to Amazon for purchase v2.7 (213613) © 2005 - 2015 Emanuel V. Towfigh & Peter Hoerster | Imprint | Change Interface Language: DE EN