Read: Support the Baha'i Library Online

The Bahá'í Library Online is unfunded. I donate about 1/3 of my career time to program and maintain it (and answer a ton of correspondence, librarians get lots of questions!), and in exchange request that users cover the out-of-pocket expenses. Please see a list of this year's expenses and donations.

What is a fair amount to donate? Like donating to your local NPR station, you can think of how much use you've made of the resource that year. Perhaps it's worth an annual magazine subscription, or maybe you've downloaded a book rather than purchasing it in print.

As the Bahá'í Library is a personal project not affiliated with the Bahá'í administrative order, donations to it are independent of the Bahá'í Fund. Please write to for my mailing address or phone number, or use the Paypal system below (click on icon). Contributors may remain anonymous if they prefer not to have their name publicly displayed.

      Thank you for your support!
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