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The Guardian greeted Ruth with unusual warmth and the first night placed her at the head of the table, which is a courtesy given to each new incoming pilgrim. As he did so, he said, "Welcome!" "It has been such a long time that we have looked for your return to Haifa. You will find things much changed from the time that you were here before. Did you see the Shrine of the Bab? I hope that you can go there tomorrow. How are the friends in America? How is the assembly in Chicago functioning now? What progress is there now? You say better. I am glad to hear that they are progressing better now. I hope that all the friends of America are progressing."

Ruth said, trying to change the subject, which the Guardian knew she was doing, "I think, Shoghi Effendi, that you would be pleased to see the signs of maturity that were at the last convention."

The Guardian said, "Signs of maturity! What signs? Everyone smiled.

Ruth replied, having to think quickly, "There seems to be less wordiness, and more of a desire for action and for pioneering."

The Guardian said, "This enthusiasm is very fine during the Convention, but it seems that afterward they forget so soon. The Americans are very enthusiastic and industrious but they do not carry things through like the British. I am not referring to Mrs. Moffett. You are very industroius and sincere, and you are very persevering, even against great obstacles. This is an excellent quality. I hope that you can instill it into others."

"Everything is declining in America. Art, music, money, manners. Everything. Especially in the great cities. You and the friends should leave the cities and disperse, that the Faith of God may grow and save mankind. Those who do not respond will loose everything. Those who do will gain everything."

"You are greatly needed in the teaching field throughout America. I hope that you will continue as you have been doing so effectively, teaching college students, groups, communities, individuals, as well as in public lectures. This is very important. Although you have been asked to assist in many countries, you are most needed in America now."

"There is too much emphasis upon Administration and not on spirit in America. Too much emphasis upon intellectual concepts and not upon spirit. Some do not know the difference. There is too much delving into mysticism and occultism, "idle fancies and vain imaginings." This is not the Word of God and leads people into the web of vain immaginings from which it is very difficult to become extricated. The only hope for mankind is to turn the word of God as revealed by Bahá'u'lláh in this Day, and obey His laws and precepts. The occultists, like the Christian Scientists, are not pure in heart as they do not recognize the station of Manifestations, and like the Quakers they are not united in the Divine Focal Point, the Manifestation, so they do not have a direct power from God. I hope that you can help them to understand this."

"Mrs. Moffett, what is your success with the Jews?"

Ruth replied, "Shoghi Effendi, many times I have been very successful for I love working with them. It seems that when a Jew truly turns to Bahá'u'lláh, he has a deeper sense of the Realities than do those of other backgrounds."

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The Guardian smiled and nodded and said, "That is good, and what you have said is true. The Jews are very devoted as are the Catholics, when they really turn to Bahá'u'lláh. I hope that you can work more with them Mrs. Moffett, and with the youth. This is very important."

One evening the Guardian began speaking about the unity of the home and the many homes that are disunited today. He said, "Nothing should be done to disrupt the unity of the home. Each should fulfill his responsibilities to the home and by the law of constant consultation and cooperation and prayer maintain that unity. The one who disrupts it will surely suffer. The family is the institution of God. Everything should be done to preserve it." Several times the Guardian spoke on this point. Later he said, "Nothing should be done to upset the family unity. Try to interest the unBahá'í husband to leave the city and go to some goal city to pioneer, where there is a new environment and a needed goal. Do everything possible to uphold the family unity and to win him to love and service in the Faith. That is the greatest success and protection for both. There will be a world civil war and after that a great unification. This must begin with the unity of the family and the friends. Mrs. Moffett, help the friends to understand this and to accept and serve the Word of God in this Day, as it is the most important thing in life."

"In America there is too much emphasis upon Administration and not enough on spirit. We should remember that progress is made from crisis to crisis. We must learn to meet the crisis in the right way. The crisises can not be avoided. The law of crisis is noted in all phases of life. We are now entering a new phase of life. Now is the time of the change of the tide of human history. It is the time of individual as well as world crisis. It can be met in the right way only by the power of Bahá'u'lláh in the Day."

The Guardian many times spoke of Africa and the remarkable progress there. One evening he ended his remarks by saying, "Africa is the country of greatest opportunities to teach the Faith and the safest of countries."

"Yes, Mrs. Moffett, move out of Chicago to a small city or village. The city people are deaf and blind and the village people are open to the Truth. Your Seminar method is very good. I hope that you continue as you have been doing as it brings results. You have been developing and perfecting this method for a long time and it is good. Concentrate on confirming souls as you have been doing. God has given you this greatest of blessings. Thank Him continually for this great bounty."

"Do not worry about pioneering and serving the Cause. You have been and are doing it. Do not worry about jobs and means. Go and you will find that means will come. Have faith and put the faith into activity." Ruth said that her money had all been going instead of coming, but she had the Faith in that great spiritual law, "According to thy faith shall thy powers and blessings be." She said that millions of things had come, more than money could possibly buy. Undreamed of things had miraculously worked out, thanks to Bahá'u'lláh. She prayed for strength to keep faith unwavering at all times.

One day Ruth received a letter from Josephine Kruka from Finland, asking her to ask the Guardian if sometime she (Ruth) could come to help in Finland. Ruth showed the Guardian the letter. He said, "Yes it is god for you to go to Finland sometime, but not right away, not on this trip, but later, and not to settle permanently. Yes, it will be good for you to go there later. Yes they would like to have you help in Australia, but you are not needed as much in Australia as elsewhere. You would be of great help in many countries but you are need most in America."

"You, Mrs. Moffett, have already rendered historic service. You not only convert, as many do, but you confirm. The most important work in the entire world is to Quicken souls and to inspire them into active service. You are one of the few people who are able to confirm souls. Many lecture, but that does not confirm. You have a long and enviable record of bringing souls to confirmation, which few others have. You lead them gently and lovingly up the necessary steps. In teaching, these steps are necessary.

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1. Favorable Attention: 2. Interest: 3. Desire to do something: 4. conviction or Conversion: 5. Confirmation: 6. Service: 7. Consecration. Too many teachers stop before the step of confirmation, the step which stirs into action, service. This is much more important that Administration. Anyone can administer, but only a true teacher can teach and confirm. You have been greatly blessed by this gift from God. I hope that you will continue as you have been doing. You are greatly needed in America to help make the goals. I am very disappointed in America. They have failed this past year. I am not referring to you, Mrs. Moffett. You have continued in spite of the difficulties, and you will be rewarded by God."

"Those who will not disperse will suffer physically, economically and most of all, spiritually because they have not listened and obeyed. They have not listened to the warnings of Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá, who warned that 'the fire of materialism will devour the great cities, which are like Babylon and Ninivah and Sodom and will be destroyed,' Christ warned, "Come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her plagues." Canada is doing fairly well but U.S.A. has failed. America must be saved and America must rise to meet her great destiny. she must become the moral and spiritual leader of all the nations of the world. You must help her to rise to her great destiny. 'Abdu'l-Bahá will help you."

Continue to "Send your reports to the N.S.A. and to the A.N.T.C. and to the Area Committees. I had asked you when you were in Haifa before to send me reports regularly. This you have done and I have greatly appreciated them, but I have become too busy to read and enjoy them. I can no longer even write to the N.S.A.'s. Can only send cablegrams. Have you made an effort to reach the Jewish people and also the youth? This important. Perhaps sometime you can work with the Jews in Israel. I hope that you will continue in just what you are doing in larger and larger fields. Bahá'u'lláh will guide and bless you in our selfless and sacrificial efforts."

"In the Bahá'í world especially, we do not want to see homes broken up, especially Bahá'í homes. Try to help the friends to live the life, and try to win the blind and resistant husband or wife to the teachings for this Day, the observance of which will bring true happiness." Then turning to Ruth he said, " You are needed in America more than any place else. You can speak in universities and colleges and clubs as few other teachers can do. You are needed in many places. I hope that nothing will interfere with your teaching work."

One evening the Guardian said, "I have written and praised and warned and spoken with great firmness, and yet the friends of America seem to pay no attention. They seem concerned only with their own interests* spiritually for being so heedless and so immature. Now they must mature more rapidly and not act like other children." Ruth must have looked downcast for the Guardian smiled and said, "I do not mean you, Mrs. Moffett, but you must warn them in no uncertain terms for their own good. The heedless ones in the big cities are already trapped."

Several times the Guardian spoke of the great destruction in the world. One evening he said, "There will be a great amount of destruction in the world, in Europe, Asia, in the U.S.A., in the Pacific, along the coasts and even in Africa, wherever bases have been established. The White race will be diminished to almost nothing and will be unimportant in the future. We can do nothing about the calamities. We can do everything about the Faith. There is a great need for the awakening of the Assemblies. The more Administration in the form of committees, etc., the less the spirit and the slower the Teaching work. We need only enough Administration to bring results and to hold things together. The hands will have charge of all the teaching work. The Auxiliary boards will be representatives, assistants, and advisors to the friends. Keep in close touch with them. The Hands will assist you."

*Insert - "and possessions. They will suffer physically as well as materially

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"Everything is declining in America. Things are so trivial and amaturish, and casual. We should express dignity, poise, and maturity for the things related to the Faith. Nothing is too good for the Faith, and it should be in good taste and appropriate. They should leave the great cities and disperse that the Faith may grow and save mankind. Those who do not respond will loose everything, London, Paris, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, will all be bombed! Yes, they will evaporate! Everything! America is stagnant! America must be saved! This is why the believers must disperse that the Faith may live and that they may not wither and die. Those who now fail to answer to the summons of the Ten Year Crusade will suffer both materially and spiritually.' Those who do not respond to the Command of God will feel the double suffering. Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá both warned of this. This is very grave challenge and those who do not meet it will deeply regret it. Help the friends understand this. It must be presented to them wisely."

Shoghi Effendi said that he had been told that some of the friends are disturbed over reports brought back by the pilgrims concerning the dangers facing America in the future whenever another world conflagration breaks out. He says that he does not feel that the Bahá'ís should waste time dwelling on the dark side of things. Any intelligent person can understand from the experiences of the past world war, and keeping abreast of what modern science has developed in the way of weapons for any future war, that big cities all over the world are going to be in tremendous danger. This is what the Guardian said to the pilgrims.

He urged the Bahá'ís, for the sake of serving the Faith, to go out from these centers of materialism... He strongly believes that the field outside of the big cities is more fertile, and that the Bahá'ís will in the end be happier. If the friends are concerned about obedience to civil government, how much more should they be concerned about obedience to the laws of Bahá'u'lláh and the directives of our Guardian.

He reminded us of the powerful words of Bahá'u'lláh in Prayers and Meditations, 208, "Armed with the power of Thy Name nothing can ever hurt me and with Thy love in my heart all the world's afflictions can in no wise alarm me." P&M p-208

It is better to use the words "Devotional Gatherings" or "Hour of Devotions," rather than "Sunday Service." Be creative, not just imitators. and a new way to chant prayers, that is more inspiring and not so monotonous.

The most Holy Places in the order of their importance are : 1-Akka, 2- Haifa, 3-Baghdad, 4-Shiraz, 5-Teheran, 6-Istanbul or Constantinople. 7- Adrianople.

The Persian Temple will be larger than the one in Germany but smaller than the one in Wilmette. The American Temple is the mother of the West. The one in Ishqubad, is the Mother Temple of the East. Bahá'u'lláh is the Divine Youth foretold by the Bab. He was only 27 when He made His declaration. He expresses youth and vitality of the Spirit.

It is a sacred duty to pay one's debts, if possible, before becoming a Bahá'í.

There will be great destruction, yes world civil war in Europe, U.S., Israel, the Islands of the Pacific, even in Africa, wherever bases are established. The White race in Africa will be almost diminished and will be unimportant in the future. The difficulty will be racial, civil, religious, all over the world. There is nothing to keep the Soviets from marching into Israel. Teheran and Baghdad are also in great danger. Oil is the goal. The Heart of the Bahá'í world, Haifa, and the Cradle of the Faith, Chicago, and the greatest strongholds of the Administrative Institutions are all in danger. The Bahá'ís must pray that God will mercifully protect the Faith, as in the past. This is all due to the decline in religion and of materialism and of spiritual decadence.

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Love, self-sacrifice and devotion bring results in the Faith rather than plans, ability, and any universal status.

It is very important to reach the native people whenever possible. It is more important to concentrate on Istanbul than on Ankara, even though it is the Capital, for six reasons. 1-Because Istanbul is the city where Bahá'u'lláh suffered and was imprisoned by the Sultan. 2-Because it is the key to the whole Black Sea Area. 3-Because it is the meeting point between East and West. 4-Because it was the ancient capital. 5-Because the Haziratu'l-Quds will be built there. 6-Because the N.S.A. of Turkey will be established there.

Ruth spoke of the lengthy article by a group of radio active geiger counter scientists during the geophysical year, who are opening up some knowledge of past cycles of human history. They state that all larger cycles seem to be divided into 6000 year cycles, and at the end of each great changes take place, as at the end of this 6000 years, not of building great over-crowded cities, but on a pattern of village building adapted to the new age of science. The Guardian smiled and remarked, "Yes, I am glad that the scientists are beginning to discover what Bahá'u'lláh stated almost a century ago. Science is making progress."

Our Guardian, Shoghi Effendi, stated that the United States was chosen as the Cradle of the New World Order, not because of its spiritual qualities, but because of its corruption, the same as Persia was chosen for the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh because the Persians were worse than the African savages and far more barbaric.

After the coming calamity the United States will fulfill the prophecy that the United States will suffer, then it will lead all the nations spiritually. He said that he has given up warning the friends, as they paid no heed to either the warnings of Abdu'l-Bahá nor to Shoghi Effendi. They must suffer to awaken.

It is too late to save the world. The Message of Bahá'u'lláh has been in the world over one hundred years to save mankind, but it has been rejected all over the world. The calamity will be sudden. He spoke of the American statesman from the President down, all are helpless and impotent. The United States is not now an altruistic nation. You help others to help yourselves.

The Russian submarines will paralyze Great Britain, the United States, Europe, the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediteranean seaboards. The Bahá'ís have failed with the Negros in the United States. Intermarriage is good, between races. It brings out the best in both races. Americans love money, wives, family, friends, possessions. There is a sad decline in home life, morals, art, music, money, everything.

Bahá'ís should not only leave their homes but go away as far as possible from the coasts and to where they can serve the Cause of God. Victories come only from sacrifice and self-abnegation. The greater the sacrifice the greater the victory. Bahá'ís should lower their standards of living in order to give more to the Faith.

We must be careful with governments and reckless with missionaries. More settlers should go from the United States to France and to the Scandinavien countries. Do not think that you can rest on your oars after this ten year crusade. The Guardian has 19 new teaching plans to be launched after this Ten Year plan is completed.

We should use Dr. George W. Townshends latest book, "Christ and Bahá'u'lláh" because it is the most scholarly and portrays the Kingdom of God upon the earth. (This note was added later after Ruth Moffett had visited Dr. Townshend in Dublin, at the Guardian's request, and delivered his message to him, all of which caused or enabled him to complete the book at a time when he could no longer write. This again shows the cosmic power of prayer and love and faith. It is a wonderful story.)

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The coming calamity will be worse than war! Whole cities will evaporate! Especially in those cities here it is harder to teach the teach the Faith such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco. People will loose all their possessions and homes over night. They will simply evaporate! Americans will become refugees in other countries and continents. The United States will suffer most because it is the most materialistic. Europe was the cradle of materialism but the united States is the stronghold of materialism. Russia will also suffer greatly. There is little difference between the United States and Russia in their systems because both are materialistic. Capitalism is purely materialistic, and Communism is purely materialism. both control the proletariat. Both will suffer greatly. The calamity will be retributive.

The earth will be covered mostly by dark skinned people and these of the so-called uncivilized nations, not submerged materialism, "The limbs of mankind shall quake" will apply more to the U.S.A. because of the importance of the U.S.A. and her great destiny. Many countries are over populated with people of bad blood. This must be cleansed. Science in the future will solve the food problem. The calamity will happen before the Lesser Peace. If the U.S.A. and Great Britain fail on the home fronts the Baghdad Conference may not take place. America must become the moral and spiritual leader of all the nations!!!!

Another evening, the Guardian said, "London, Paris, New York, Chicago, San Francisco are already trapped. There are Russian submarines along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts now." Some of the friends find it difficult to leave their homes and to pioneer, even to move to goals within their own country. They do not see that we are not asking them to sacrifice. We are protecting them from great difficulty and from themselves. We are not only protecting them from the calamity that is rushing toward them outwardly, but from the calamity that is rushing toward them inwardly."

One evening the Guardian spoke of certain National Committees. He said, "They did fine work in fulfilling their goals in such a short time, but like an unwise mother training her child, leaving it a little well dressed, polite nonentity. Some of these National Committees have not brought any new souls into the Faith, but are over-administered as was the N.S.A. of America."

"England went through a period also when it was too over administered, but they have a good balance now. In America they still repress some of the best teachers and build up a certain individual. Every good teacher that can teach should be encouraged and assisted. The progress of the world depends on the way we teach and the way we function today in our untied efforts. We must know the Teachings and how to best present them. We must have loving understanding, consultation, cooperation, and prayer together and for one another. Each one is important and has his part to fill. We are all bits of mosaic in the great Divine plan, and must not mar the pattern by failing to fulfill our part."

"In the Western world the people do not like to be commanded or to obey. They say, 'No one can push me around!' The Guardian does not command anyone. The Guardian wishes only to guide and protect the friends." That night Ruth wrote in her notebook: Here you loose the forever the feeling that so many in the West seem to have, of rebellion against command, and you long to have the Guardian command you to do something that you may obey. His words are always suggestions and pointing the way. You see obedience in the new light of protection, and in the joy of service, of accomplishment and of attainment.

Ruhaniyyih Khanum inquired about Ruth's husband Robert and said "I have always admired and loved him. He has the capacity to do great things for the Faith. That means power and success! Go to a goal city and build it up. As the Guardian suggested, leave Chicago and never mind about the job first. Move first and the new opportunities will open up for you as you are ready for them. As one serves the Cause and has the faith he will find that all will be well and work for the best. As you work together you efforts will be crowned with power and success. Remember, Ruth, the Guardian said that your work is outstanding. Together you can make it even more so."

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Several times the Guardian spoke to Ruth about teaching through-out the Near-East and Europe on her return from Haifa. One evening he said: "I hope Mrs. Moffett, that you will go throughout the Near East and Europe and the British Isles, meeting as many of the friends as you can and help them to understand the spirit of the Shrines, the nature of the Ten Year Crusade and the Divine plan. I hope that you can teach is as many Summer Schools as possible both in Europe and America. You have something that they very much need. Stress the points in my recent cablegrams and help them to understand the importance of the global Crusade, and that this is the most important decade in all human history. The future is dependent upon the events of this decade. The future of mankind is dependent upon what the friends do today! If they do not arise as they should today, Bahá'u'lláh has stated that he will raise up another people and our opportunity shall be lost forever. Please stress these things in no uncertain terms, but wisely."

"Help the pioneers and friends to understand all the points that I have mentioned and especially these nine points. 1-Persevere, 2-Sacrifice, 3- Remain in your post until an Assembly is well established, 4-Live the life, 5-Keep active, 6-Love all the people, 7-Teach! Teach! Teach! 8-Establish a strong Assembly, 9-Pray and meditate continually!"

"Your book, 'Do'a The Call To Prayer' is very helpful. More should use and study it, especially the Five Points of Prayer which I gave to you when you were in Haifa years ago. One cannot succeed with out prayer. Help the friends to learn more of the prayers so that they do not have to depend upon a book. also they should speak the words. Thinking the words is not sufficient. If you are where you cannot speak the words aloud, speak them without putting the voice into them. They are much more potent in that way."

"Mrs. Moffett has developed a very fine chart, The Cause of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations." As the Guardian said this, Ruhiyyih Khanum rose and handed the big chart to the Guardian from a serving table. He unrolled it and pushed aside his plates and silver and anchored it down with his cup and water glass. He said; "I had advised against the use of certain charts that have been sent to me that were incorrect and misleading. I did not advise against all charts, as I use the chart method myself. Mrs. Moffett's chart is in a special class. It is based upon history. It is a graph of the cycle as one would illustrate the solar system. It is a chart which establishes relationships. It is very fine. She has permission to use it wherever she feels there is a need. It is the result of her search and not a Bahá'í chart, as it was not made by 'Abdu'l-Bahá nor the Guardian. Bahá'ís need it and it is good for use in college classes and for those of a Christian and Moslem background. It is very convincing."

"Every Bahá'í should teach according to his ability and all who teach groups and speak in public should be trained in classes for that purpose. The Bahá'í must not practice on the public. The very best presentation is never good enough. Teachers should be carefully trained and constantly strive to improve their presentation, giving more and more of the deeper realities, with the spirit that has been released in the world by Bahá'u'lláh. The time has come when the friends must study more thoughtfully and teach and travel to all parts of the world. Love and sincerity will take you anywhere. Teach with warm, loving enthusiasm and dignity. It takes concentration and purity of heart to teach. We are being called to higher standards, and to greater unity of spirit. This is our protection."

On the last evening the Guardian said: "It is good for you to go to Germany and to Vienna if you can. The German people have suffered much, and need what you have to give them. Go to as many places as you can throughout Europe and the British Isles. It would be well for you to teach in as many Summer Schools as you can, both in Europe and America. You will be of great help to them. You have something that they much need. But work in the U.S.A. where you are needed most, all over North America. I am disappointed in America. They are too much interested in administering something or somebody and in publicity rather than in reaching souls with the only healing remedy, the remedy for mankind. I hope that you can help them reach souls, with the love and spirit of Bahá'u'lláh."

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The Guardian turned directly to Ruth and said; "Mrs. Moffett, your work has been outstanding!" Then he turned to the members of the International Council and said; "There are few that have brought others into the Cause as has Mrs. Moffett. There should be a thousand like her. She is self-sacrificing, loving, understanding, well-organized, sincere and consecutive. She leads her students step by step until she firmly brings them into the Faith. Then she trains them to carry on. She is like Martha Root and Dorothy baker, and speaks in the universities and colleges. Few are equipped to do that. Her work is historic. I am proud of her. She is the Martha Root of America!

The Guardian rose, and all at the table rose. As he held out his hand and said, "Farewell," to Ruth, he said; "Be not discouraged, Mrs. Moffett, your work is historic. I am proud of you. Go on just as you have been doing. May Bahá'u'lláh lead you into even greater work and bless you! I hope that you will come again to Haifa where you will always be most welcome." Then the Guardian took both of Ruth's hands in his hand, and with the sweetest smile said, "I shall pray in the Shrines that you may become an unobstructed channel of great power reaching thousands of people." Then he pressed her hand in farewell and said with the most heart-warming smile; "I am expecting great things of you, Mrs. Moffett, and please tell the friends that I send them my love and greetings, and tell them that I am expecting great things of them also during our Global Crusade. God Speed!" Then he was gone!

Ruth stood speechless and breathless after the powerful last words of the Guardian. She felt stunned by all that he had said about her work, that he was proud of her, that her work was historic. She felt that she would strive even more to measure up to what the Guardian said of her. Ruhiyyih Khanum said; "The Guardian seldom speaks with such power and fire."

As Ruth stood stunned and speechless, her eyes drank in hungrily the last glimpse of the beloved Guardian as he disappeared in the doorway. She thought happily that he had invited her to come again to Haifa. Then a staggering thought flashed through her mind. "Bahá'u'lláh has endowed you with one of the greatest gifts - the power to confirm. Thank God for this great gift and bring Him even greater fruitage." In that moment, when her heart seemed to be torn out by the roots at parting, she dedicated her life in greater service to the beloved Guardian, even should he not be visible among us, and breathed a prayer; "O God, forgive my weakness and failings and help me to know and do Thy will!"

It was heavenly to be alone and kneel at the bed of the beloved Master and feel His loving presence. And to have the last midnight hour with dear Ruhiyyih Khanum and Millie in Millie's room in prayer, and meditating on the words of the beloved Guardian. This hour was most precious! Throughout all eternity I shall be grateful for these heavenly days in this blessed spot.... the spiritual Kaaba of the world. ALLAH'U'ABHA!

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Part II "B"


Many people have visited the Guardian at Haifa, yet each one brings back a little different impression of the Guardian and of his statements to the pilgrims. Therefore, these notes are the personal, individual impression of this pilgrim, written down daily with the help of the secretaries of the International Council.

One night the Guardian said, "Pilgrim notes are very important. They should be eagerly received as they bring the Spirit of the Shrines, and the station of the Guardianship, and the frist-hand impressions which the cablegrams and letters cannot convey. Of course they cannot be authoritative, as they are not written by the Master or the Guardian, but they are very important, and should be so considered."

It is a joy and a privilege to share with you some of the wisdom and rich experiences and the knowledge from His Excellency, Shoghi Effendi Rabbani, our beloved Guardian.

Ruhiyyih Khanum said she had a dream one night: she dreamed that the dam had burst and that there was a great flood, She rushed down to the water's edge to try to save someone, but the current swept them past. She reached out to try to grasp and save another. She grasped one by the hair, and, with great effort, brought that one to shore. Then she tried to reach another, but the current swept him by. She looked up at the side of the mountain, and there she saw 'Abdu'l-Bahá, who looked like a Prophet of God, with his white turban and flowing beard, with his back to the flood, working very hard. She rushed up the mountain side, grasped His sleeves and said, "Oh, 'Abdu'l-Bahá, come and help me save some of these people who are drowning in the flood." 'Abdu'l-Bahá went right on, working very rapidly and said nothing. She grasped his sleeve again and said, "Oh 'Abdu'l-Bahá, these people are drowning, come help me save some of these people who are drowning in the flood." 'Abdu'l-Bahá, without stopping his work turned to her with a smile and Said, "'Abdu'l-Bahá is building the machine to stop the flood." (That is what is taking place in the world today)

The Guardian said, one evening that world unity will be securely established in the twentieth century. Bahá'u'lláh does not wish the countries to be deprived of kingship, so when there are enough Bahá'í states, they will follow the injunction of Bahá'u'lláh. Then he made the surprising statement that America will one day have a king. Kingship, as known at present, will disappear, but will later be re-established. Then he stated that fourteen or fifteen kings have fallen as the result of the unawareness and the resistance to the message of Bahá'u'lláh.

Muhammad, who wrote to the kings said that if Ceasar did not respond to the Tablet that he wrote to him, that Constantinople would fall to the Moslems, and this tradition is in a tablet on the wall of St. Sophia.

Kings will not have political power in the future, but will be honorary, and they will represent the majority of the people who have turned toward God. They will be in a position that will be in harmony and cooperation with the Universal House of Justice.

After the passing of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, we know that the Persian dynasty completely changed and the Turkish Empire Fell. The Guardian said that we must base our work on the Divine Plan and use the Divine Institutions to do it. These, only, will bring success. These Institutions were not created at the same time when our beloved Martha Root lived, and so there was not success at that time in the creating of groups.

The Guardian spoke of the evolution of the World Order; that the L.S.A. and Institutions in the days of the Master were the germ of World Order. The Administrative order, is, itself, an embryo; the World Order is the child and the offspring, World Order will gradually develop in the Golden Age and reach the stage of "the coming of age" of mankind. This stage will happen at the close of the Golden Age. World Order

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will evolve in the course of the Golden Age until it will reach its period of "coming of age"; then it will gradually mature. To illustrate - we know that a man matures at the age of forty. It is a short period from the time of boyhood to the "coming of age", but a long period from the "coming of age" to maturity, and that is the most important time in all one's life. It is important to know the Genesis of World Order. It is the result of the union of the law of Bahá'u'lláh, the positive generating factor and covenant of Bahá'u'lláh and the mind of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. The union of the two gives rise to the birth of the Administrative Order which started in the formative age and matures toward the close of the Bahá'í cycle.

Bahá'u'lláh says that there will be in every 500,000 years, only one Revelation that can be compared to his Revelation. The Master established it in the Tablet. We must make a distinction between the station of Manifestations and the Station of Bahá'u'lláh. There will be a series of Major Prophets, each with a book, added laws and truth, and each may abrogate previous ones, but they will be under the Light of Bahá'u'lláh. All will be law givers, Founders of a new Dispensation, major Prophets, and yet they will be under the Light of Bahá'u'lláh. The World Order will mature in the course of a series of dispensations.

So many times it is asked, "But why should Bahá'u'lláh have such a high station?" I will explain. Because His Revelation coincides with a stage unique in the evolution of humanity, namely, the coming of age of the human race. This has never happened before and could never happen again at any time upon this planet.

This planet was not discovered when Muhammed appeared, and America was not discovered when Christ appeared, nor much even of the Far East; so it was impossible for Christ and Muhammed, or the Prophets before them, to stress the unification of man. First the world must be discovered, then science must develop, then the world must contract. This makes the coming of age the culmination of the 6000 year process so important.

Nothing more important could happen to man than reaching the age of 21. something happens inside of him, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Maturity is reached at the age of 40, and that is due to the change that came over him at 21. What happens at 21 is more important than what happens at 40, or any other time of life, because what happens at 40 is determined by what happened at 21. that is why the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh is so important; that is why those that recognize it and turn to Him are alive and those who turn away are as dead!

This is the answer that Bahá'ís must give when people object to the Bahá'ís saying that other Prophets will appear under the Light of Bahá'u'lláh. This is the only answer that we can give adequately just now. No Revelation after Bana'u'llah will be final. It is progressively and indefinitely so, but future Revelations will be under the light of Bahá'u'lláh and be less in spirit!

Bahá'u'lláh's claims are tremendous, challenging, but reasonable. The claims of the Moslems and Catholics are neither challenging, nor reasonable, nor tremendous. No one had made a greater claim in our history than Bahá'u'lláh, and no one has made a lesser claim than Muhammed, because he stressed the less challenging aspect of God.

In the Ighan, page 178-181, Bahá'u'lláh gives all the stations of the Manifestations of God. He quotes them. He says, "If We say We are servants, We are right. If We say We are God, We are right. Muhammed claimed only to be a Messenger of God, the least challenging. Bahá'u'lláh did the opposite, He claimed to be the Revelation of God, the Glory of God! All reflect the Divine Spirit tho' the mission of each is different.

When one claims a very high station, all lower ones are included in that statement. Previous Prophets were all preliminary Manifestations, preparing the way for the Promised One and those under His shadow, like John in the Revelations to Christ, and the Bab to Bahá'u'lláh. Because this is the Cycle of Maturity.

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The process of World Order starts only with the Bahá'í Revelation; the Administrative order, the L.S.A.'s and institutions are the embyro. We are now entering the third stage. It will gradually lead to World Order, the offspring. It will pass through seven stages. 1- Obscurity, 2- Repression, 3-Emancipation, 4- Recognition, 5-Establishment, 6-Sovereignty, 7- Emergence of the Bahá'í World Commonwealth. That means the coming of age of the human race, the establishment of the Most Great Peace. This is the Golden Age and the evolution of humanity. These processes will join and they will reach the stage of the birth of World Civilization!

This is the starting point for a succession of dispensations, culminating in the maturity of the human race. The maturity of the fruit of the Tree of Progressive Revelation, and the maturity of human society will progress all together.

The World Order of Bahá'u'lláh is purely Bahá'í now, but at the same time the world is progressing, divine revelation, also is progressing. World Order and human society can no longer be a separate process. The Bahá'í World Commonwealth will begin to mature near the end of the Bahá'í dispensation, not cycle. This leads to the birth of the fruit of the golden Age!

The coming of the Bab is totally different. This is another process. It starts with Adam; in a way it is the evolution of Divine Revelation, but this is a different simile; From Adam to the Bab is represented by the Branch, the Leaf and the Flower. The olive tree is mentioned in the Koran, not without reason. It is a different simile altogether. The Guardian spoke of it in his message to the American convention last Ridvan. He called for this message, and after considerable search it was found and he read this passage; "This is the station of the Bab. I compare it to the fruit, the olive tree sacrifices itself for oil, the oil is ignited. This is Bahá'u'lláh! The fire becomes Bahá'u'lláh." The Dispensation of The Bab is the beginning of the process of diffusion of the Light of Bahá'u'lláh throughout the planet.

The Koran refers to the tree which belongs neither to the East nor the West, whose oil is so powerful that it ignites itself. This refers to The Bab; when ignited the light becomes Bahá'u'lláh and this happened in the Siyyih Chal. Read Surih of Muhammed called the Light. Quote: "Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth, a likeness of his like is as the pillar on which is the lamp. The lamp is in a glass and the glass is, as it were, a brightly shining star, lit from a blessed olive tree, neither Eastern or Western, the oil whereof almost gives light, though the fire toucheth it not. Light upon light. Allah gives light when he pleases, and Allah sets forth parables for men, and Allah is cognizant of all things." These are the words of Muhammed.

In the Siyyih Chal there was only a faint flicker of Divine light, soon enveloped by clouds. For ten years it was obscured and eclipsed by calamities. Then, in Baghdad, when Bahá'u'lláh went to Adrianople the light was lighted in a crystal globe, meaning the stage of proclamation of His Mission in Adrianople. It shone more brightly then.

The light was confined to the East all this time. When Bahá'u'lláh ascended, or passed on, through the Covenant, 'Abdu'l-Bahá, the Light struck the fringes of the continents of America, Europe, and Australia. After the Master passed on, as a result of the Light, Shoghi Effendi, the Administrative Order was established. Its father is the Law of Bahá'u'lláh, and its mother, the Covenant of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. The Light spread all over the continents through Shoghi Effendi.

This is the stage that we are in now, and we are witnessing its unfolding. It is now diffusing its light over all the continents; then, later, it will envelop the whole planet; then in the course of the future, successive, generations, light beams will penetrate. when the Administrative Order is firmly established in every country, this firm establishment will cause the penetration of the Light that gave its first flicker in the year "Nine".

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In the Koran, the olive is symbolic of the Christian Dispensation, and the fig in the Mosaic Dispensation. In the Tablet of Lawh-i-Ra' to the Prime Minister of Turkey, Bahá'u'lláh said that "once We appeared as an olive tree and the Mount of Olives, or Zetah; and once We appeared as the fig." In another passage in the Koran, Muhammed swears by the fig and the olive, the Mosaic and Christian Dispensations, and by this noble city, which means Mecca. The Moslem Dispensation is not symbolized by a tree, but by a mountain...Mount Paran, near Sinai.

Missionaries have derided Muhammed for saying that He was swearing by trees, whereas, in reality He meant Dispensations.

All three mountains are mentioned in Deuteronomy... Mt. Siani, referring to Moses, Mt. Paran to Muhammed, and Mt. Sier to the Christian Dispensation and the ten thousand saints, and Mt. Carmel refers to Bahá'u'lláh.

The light of Bahá'u'lláh is now diffused through Shoghi Effendi over 268 countries and dependencies of the world; and here, in the year 1954, it is almost inconceivable that 110 have been opened, in ten months, the Great Light of Bahá'u'lláh... that means 11 countries per month this year! There is nothing like this in all religious history. The Light of Bahá was not spread by the sword but by the love, sacrifice, effort, education and spirit of the followers of Bahá'u'lláh.

Palestine has undergone many changes and influences. First, it was the Land of Canaan; then King Saul made it a civic state; then David and Solomon were kings expanding its territories. For a long time it was part of Ancient Babylon; then it became a part of the Medo-Persian Empire... and when that fell, it became a part of the Greecian Empire and had the influence of that civilization. It was then taken over by the Holy Roman Empire, and it was at that time that Jesus, the Christ, came... when Palestine was under the heel of Rome. Following that, it became a Moslem country controlled by the Moslems., the Turks, and the Arabs. Then it was an English mandate, in 1918; and from 1948, after the revolution, Israel has been a free state, the Moslems holding the old city of Jerusalem, and Jordan.

It was in 1948, during the remarkable bloodless revolution, that 4,000,000 Moslems fled from the land, and less than a million Jews marched in and began developing the land. The Jews have suffered for nearly 2,000 years because they persecuted Jesus, the Christ, for three years. How long do you think the Moslems will suffer when they persecuted Bahá'u'lláh, the Glory of God, for fifty years? They will be scattered and persecuted greatly.

The borders of Israel will be extended far beyond where they are today. The Jews do not know why they have been called "The chosen people." They have been chosen to come and build the state that will become the chalice, holding the precious jewel of the Bahá'í World Center, the Capitol of the World! What a great bounty is theirs! Some day they will know and appreciate the reality of being "chosen" for such a great service!

On page 75 in S.A.Q., 'Abdu'l-Bahá said the time would come when the whole of Palestine would be returned to the Jews. The Jews are now materialistic and very nationalistic, and not at all spiritual. The fundamental reason why the Jews, after 2,000 years of dispersal, returned to Palestine is to become the supporters of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh at its World Center. This is their destiny; their immediate destiny is to build up their state which is very valuable to the faith.

The Arabs would not do this. The Jews are cousins to the British in tenacity and courage. They fought very bravely when defending their Faith. They have great thinkers and scientists among them. They have good scientists and keen business-men, and this is needed to build this state which will become the "chalice for the precious jewel of Bahá'u'lláh".

I asked the Guardian, "Which is the correct cave of Elijah on Mt. Carmel?" The larger

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is claimed by the Moslems; the smaller, higher cave, by the Christian Carmelite Monks, over which is the Carmelite Church. The Guardian said that the smaller, higher cave is the correct one... the cave in which all the Prophets, major and minor, had been. It is in this cave in which the monks have kept a candle constantly burning for over 1700 years, and a monk in constant attendance, looking for the Promised One of the day at the end of the days. It was in this cave, in 1888, that Bahá'u'lláh revealed the Tablet of Carmel in a loud voice, so that the priests and monks could hear Him.

"It is important," the Guardian said, "to memorize the Tablet of Carmel. It is on page 14 in the Gleanings." then he continues and said that Bahá'u'lláh is the Founder of the Shrines on Mt. Carmel, and much more. He is the Founder of the whole set of Institutions on Mt. Carmel. He is the Founder of all the Administrative and Spiritual centers of the World Commonwelth. The Tablet of Carmel is the Charter of the World Center of the Faith. The Will and Testament of 'Abdu'l-Bahá is the Charter of the Administrative Order. We will build according to the directions of this Charter and the Divine Plan, or third division, which is the Charter for the Propagation of the Faith. All these form The Charter for World Order.

It is almost six years since the armistice between the Jews and the Arabs, but there is no peace. The Arabs have no intention of establishing peace. They are hostile and vindictive. Fortunately, they are not united. This saves the Jews and protects us as well.

There are 4,000,000 Arabs in seven states and yet they were defeated by less than a million Jews, and the Jews defeated the British also with their great armies. Then the Guardian smiles, and explained how they did it without adequate men or means.

We are assured that the Jews will occupy all of Palestine. 'Abdu'l-Bahá said this in S.A.Q. Also, the British Secretary Balfour stated it. Israel, to many, means home. Israel means "Blessing", means "God", "Israel hastening to God", or "the Blessings from God". The decline of Islam is beginning.

The Arabs suffered great defeat because they persecuted and did not respond to the call of Bahá'u'lláh, and millions of Arabs left Israel and one million Jews moved in. How will the Jews get the land? The Arabs will make trouble and the Jews will drive them out, and the country will be extended. The destiny of Israel is to become a Bahá'í state. They will support the International Institutions of the Faith. World opinion is now pro-Arab. It will later become pro-Israel. This will happen on a world scale. There will be a World Civil War and then a great unification!"

Did you ever dream that such results would come from Africa, the dark continent? Kampala has set the example for the whole Bahá'í World. America is stagnating and Africa is full of vigor and vitality! Everything is declining in America, the arts, music, the money, the manners. Fear, frustration, disillusionment are everywhere. America is a stagnant pool. There are signs of stagnation everywhere, because it is a materialistic civilization like Babylon, Ninevah, and Rome. They must become more spiritual in America, and less materialistic. Irreligion and godlessness are increasing everywhere, causing more crime. Fear is causing some to go back to church, while in Africa there is vigor and vitality. I am very grateful and proud of Africa. After 50 years in America, there are only four Indian tribes that have been touched, while in Africa 70 tribes have been influenced by the Light of Bahá'u'lláh.

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The Guardian said to Mr. & Mrs. Elston, pioneers to Africa, that he wanted a picture of all the African believers together. This can only be accomplished by a Conference, and All-African Conference. It is not yet time, as the Government might become suspicious seeing so many together, but it will be held in the future.

Mary Elston said that the neighbors were ignoring them, but the Haziratu'l-Quds was like a beehive!

You are familiar with 'Abdu'l-Bahá's Divine Plan, which is divided into three seven year divisions. The first two of these have been successfully completed. We have now recently entered into the third division of the Divine Plan, which is our Ten Year Global Crusade, which will be completed in 1963.

The Guardian gave me very specific directives for the accomplishment of this Ten Year Plan. He asked me to stress some of these objectives in this Plan and the way by which we can bring this about successfully. These are very, very important. He asked me to stress these various points throughout my travels in Europe, America, and the British Isles. 1- The first is systematic and energetic teaching, saying that teaching work is the most all-important part of the Ten Year Plan. 2- Second to that, at all cost, the prizes that have been won must be maintained, with emphasis on the "at all cost". 3- The third is that Assemblies that are now functioning must be maintained, and he emphasized, "by every available means". Then he emphasized the fact that during the next nine years 48 new N.S.A.'s should be established.

We know how long it has taken us to establish just twelve N.S.A.'s, and so today it looks utterly, completely impossible that within nine years 48 new N.S.A.'s shall be established... But we know that it will be done.

Then he emphasized the prompt purchase of the sites for the future Bahá'í Temples. He did not say the Temples would be built during the Ten Year Crusade, but the prompt purchase of the sites that are mentioned in the Divine Plan must be made.

The sixth point is that the funds must be built for the establishment of Haziratu'l-Quds in the capitol cities, and the next dependencies that are in the Plan. He does not say that they must be built, but the funds must be built during this period.

Another point is the translation of the literature mentioned in the Divine Plan by 'Abdu'l-Bahá. This is already started, and we know that it will be completed ere the nine years are finished.

The next is the acquisition of all the Holy Places in Iran. The Persian friends, as soon as the Guardian suggests something that should be done, they go and do it. Already all of the Holy Places have been purchased save one, and that is the Shrine of Assiyyih Khanum, the beautiful devoted wife of the Bab. It is a Muhammedan Mosque which they had been unable to get. Recently we learned that the Shrine has been purchased, the remains removed and placed on a new shrine erected for her.

The tenth point is the construction of a Mashriqu'l-Adhkar in Tihiran and that will be built within the Ten Year Crusade. He stressed the erection of the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar in Frankfort, Germany, and we know that it will be completed. Just recently, when I was there, with the N.S.A. of Germany in Nechargumund they purchased the site for the first temple. We had a beautiful celebration in commemoration of the purchase of the site. They are anxious to build as soon as possible. What an example after all they have gone through!

The next point is to build a Dependency in Wilmette, which we know is an Old People's Home. He said, "Build it, and build it promptly!" This might indicate something of the need and the emergency of the times.

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Then the Guardian stressed the need of establishing L.S.A. endowments and other needs. This we know has already started — the endowments for the L.S.A.'s and the N.S.A.'s and we have a new direct form of giving for the endowments to take care of the Institutions for the Hands of the Cause in the future.

The next point he raised was to lend a fresh impetus that L.S.A.'s become incorporated. I found in so many cities in which I travelled that the communities had no idea of the importance of having and L.S.A. incorporated. The Guardian said that when there are fifteen members, if possible, they should become incorporated; without it they are a nonentity, and with it they are an entity and can hold property. In these days it is very, very important.

The fourteenth point is to establish a Bahá'í Publishing Trust in each of the five continents. "This", he said, "is next in importance to the teaching work".

Then the Guardian spoke of the objective of the Ten Year Plan in relation to the World Center of the Faith in Israel. His first point is that the preliminary steps be taken for the construction and beautification of the Sepulcher of Bahá'u'lláh in Bahji; following that will be the purchase of land for the building of the Temple on Mt. Carmel. This has already been accomplished, and a pointed monument on a pedestal will be placed upon that site until it is time to erect the Temple. The names of Mason Remey, architect, and Millie Collins, doner, will be engraved upon it.

The next point was the importance of establishing an International Bahá'í World Court. This is most wonderful, for we know that the World Court of the League of Nations did during a brief period. It was very important and effective as far as it went, but not all nations were members and therefore it was not truly a World Court. Also, it was involved in political affairs in a way that it would not become a perfectly just court. So we can see what it will mean when we can establish an International Bahá'í Court to which any nation can go for advice and help.

"Then the next directive", he said, " is the construction of the International Bahá'í Archives. This will be built on the Tenth Terrace, over-looking the Monumental Gardens on Mt. Carmel in Israel. The drawings are already completed." "It was my privilege to watch Mr. Mason Remey make the drawings day by day while I was there. Ere long the construction of the Archives will begin. This will be a great asset to the Cause."

The next point is the extension of the International endowments. The Guardian has already mentioned it, first the extension of Bahá'í endowments, and then the extension of the service of the Hands of the Cause. It has been a year since they were appointed, and now we know that they will be a very important part in establishing forms, methods and systems by which the teaching work can go forth with much greater efficiency.

The codification of the Laws of the Kitab-i-Aqdas is very important because we can break a commandment or an injunction, but when it comes

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to a law, we must obey it to the last letter. When we have the codification of the laws of the Kitab-i-Aqdas, we can see how that will begin to establish unification in the world greater than any other single means can bring about.

Another point is to unify the ties binding the community to the United Nations. We know this is already started in the non-governmental committee, but it is not very effective yet. The ties must be strengthened and reinforced, so that through this means, also, world unity will be established.

The Guardian spoke of the establishment of the Israeli branches of the seven N.S.A.'s on Mt. Carmel. In other words, this is a very important means by which the N.S.A.'s can be linked to the hub of the whole Cause at its Center, owning property in the World Center. This committee will be established to take care of these new institutions and methods of unification.

The last of these ten points relating to Israel — He said there would be a great world convocation after several world conferences. There will be many Oceanic Conferences. These conferences will be the North Sea Conference, then the Mediterranean Sea Conference, the

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North Pacific, the South Pacific, then the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean Conference. These will all be swept into a great World Conference Congress in Baghdad in 1963.

The Guardian said that material civilization is doomed; that all the nations have become corrupt politically and that America is the most politically disturbed nation on earth. The Americans are now living in a fool's paradise, thinking they are safe in overcrowded cities that are full of noise, dirt, and crime. The Bahá'í Friends should leave the corrupt cities, get a bit of land, establish a Bahá'í Community and establish the Bahá'í spirit in preparation of the glorious World Order of Bahá'u'lláh. There will be great distruction, and the Friends should move out of the cities and see what will happen when they build Bahá'í communities in villages.

"If the Friends of America do not disperse," the Guardian said, "they will suffer materially and spiritually. After 50 years in America, there are only 500 Negro Bahá'ís and in one year there are over 700 in Africa. Those who do not respond to the call and disperse will loose everything, and those who do respond will gain everything. The former will be caught in a trap. London, Paris, New York, Chicago, San Francisco will be bombed. This he repeated several times and said that 'Abdu'l-Bahá warned the believers to solve the racial problem. Because they have not solved it, there have been two wars. The situation is very grave. The believers do not have enough trust in God and detachment. Yes, great cities will evaporate. Everything in them will evaporate!!! The standards which have been so materialistically high and superficial will be lowered and Africa and her standards will be raised.

"The Global Plan and Bahá'u'lláh will triumph in spite of the neglect of its supporters. If one country falls short, another will make up for its failure. The Friends will loose, but the Cause will go on. If I have the right tools, I can work. I cannot create. God creates. In some mysterious way the instruments are developed. An artisan cannot create the tools he works with. Give him the right tools and he will do the job."

"There is not enough dedication in the Cause. Intuitively act as soon as I find something that can be used. There is dedication of a few, but dedication must permeate the masses, not just a few. They should study their instincts, habits, environment, prejudices. In the U.S. emphasis is in such trivial things and non-essentials. The Bahá'ís must be quite different from the masses. They must have a new way of life in big as well as in small things, and remember that demonstration will speak louder than words."

The Guardian said there was too much emphasis on Administration and not enough on the Spiritual. Too miuch emphasis on intellectual concepts and not enough on the spiritual, and some do not know the difference. Delving into occultism, mysticism are idle fancies and vain imaginations. The words of Bahá'u'lláh are words of God, but occultism or mysticism is not the Word of God, and lead people into a web of imagination from which extraction is very difficult. The only hope for man is obedience to the laws and precepts of His chosen Messenger, Bahá'u'lláh!

The young people should go out on the farms and work with their hands, The new race of men will be wholly devoted to the service of Bahá'u'lláh.

America has become too mechanized; other countries not enough. The husband should have more leisure to develop his soul qualities." "Should a man do so much for religion that he should neglect his family responsibilities?" The Guardian was asked. "No, He should fulfill his family responsibilities; he should never do anything to disrupt the unity of the home."

The Guardian was asked about the Mormons. He said that Joseph Smith was a Seer, not a Prophet, neither major nor minor; that he had high standards — but we have the power that comes from the Word of God for this age, which they do not have until they turn to Bahá'u'lláh.

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The Prophets are the Mirrors reflecting the attributes of God. The Quakers do not have a Prophet, therefore they do not have the power, though they think they do.

The L.S.A.'s should not, at this time, spend money on big advertising campaigns, expansion, or on renting big centers.

The Shrines become the spiritual center of any religious Faith. The spiritual center in the Christian world was first Palestine, then moved to Greece, then Rome, and the Pope is still the spiritual Head of the Catholic world.

In Islam, the Spiritual Center was first in Mecca, Medina, then Damascus, then Turkey but for centuries the spiritual center has been in Mecca.

In the Bahá'í World Faith the Shrines will always be the center of the Bahá'í World.

One evening the Guardian said that President Wilson had taken the fourteen points out of the Bahá'í writings, with which he established the League of Nations; that President Roosevelt had done much for the world in getting foreign ministers together at the zero hour to establish the U.N. and then he said that President Truman was weak and not an efficient diplomat. England was too smart for him; they outwitted him. Today I feel very, very sorry for the President of the U.S., President Eisenhower. He is very sincere, but he is caught in a political web.

Ruhiyyih Khanum spoke to the Guardian about publishing my book, "The New Keys to the Book of Revelations." She said, "Get it finished, documented, and polished as soon as you can, but there is no money now to publish it. There are other important books that are being held back because of the need of pioneers, and because of lack of funds. That it will be a very valuable book to the Christian world as well as to the Bahá'í world, the Jewish and Moslem worlds. Make it the best you can and finish it as soon as you can. This is very important.

"The whole foundation of the Administrative Order rests upon the proper functioning of the L.S.A.'s and the Guardian said "Let the old people go to close-by villages, and the young people go pioneering in virgin areas."

"The Bahá'ís of Asia and America need shock treatment. American Bahá'ís need a shock, and it will have a shock. The American Bahá'ís must be different. They must act as though they were distinguished, above the people of other types and means."

Then he described the processes in teaching the Faith. "First, there is attraction; then there is interest, then there is conversion, then confirmation, and after that, consecration. "Many become converted but they do not become confirmed. The confirmation comes when the spirit is set on fire to arise to to serve God. The consecration may be after conversion, but more especially after confirmation."

Why do people have to suffer so much? "Because suffering cleanses and purifies. Suffering is the interior decoration of the heart. The greater the distinction, the greater the attraction. To gain detachment, one must translate the experiences of life into the lessons of the soul."

The Chrisitian Scientists are blind and they are not pure. They think they are pure, and that they are an example to the world, and that they have a plan.

The Bahá'ís use God's plan. They have no ulterior motives. They do not expect anything from other people. We do not work for reward in kind. We do not expect money for our institutions

The American Bahá'ís do not have enough detachment. They need shock treatment. They

[page 29]

are in great danger. They will be trapped when they want to get out of the cities.

The Americans have made many enemies with other countries because of their thoughtlessness, their aggressiveness, and their bad manners. They are purehearted, but immature.

The Negroes have accepted the Americans because their hearts are pure, childlike, and sensitive.; that is, I am referring to the Africans. Because we are purehearted we can get over the jump. The Africans, also, are purehearted; they are sensitive, suspicious and distrustful. The luxuries will disappear in America. America is a clean country, but Israel is very dirty. Israel must be made clean, but America must have fewer luxuries. The Africans have pure souls and they are not full of nationalism as are most countries.

It is impossible to describe the Guardian in words any more than one can describe the molten rose-gold of the sunset by saying that it set. The Guardian is like a symphony, so full of music, power and rhythm. He is unique to this planet. It is a spiritual language above description which he seems to eminate. When you speak with him you begin to understand. He is like heavenly music speaking in the language of the spirit. He is not tall, but he seems to grow taller the longer you are with him. His hair is dark and greying at the sides. He has dark eyes that seem to become darker and burn with an inner fire. He has strong, fine regular features and is smooth-shaven, with a small dark mustache. He is sturdy and full of energy. Most expressive are his hands, and we were told they were much like Bahá'u'lláh's.

His gestures are very graceful and exceedingly expressive. He wore a rust-coloured top coat with a matching tie, usually — though sometimes he wore a black coat with a black tie. He wears a slender gold Bahá'í ring on the second finger of his right hand, and he wears a fez with a black button in the center of the top.

Almost every evening he brought a cable, or a drawing, or some kind of a document which he laid on the tablecloth and explained. The dinner talks are long, and the table usually seats ten people. The incoming pilgrim is seated at the head of the table the first night, and the second night directly across from the Guardian. Madame Khanum Ruhiyyih sits at his right and the other pilgrims are sitting around him at the table. Thus, the pilgrim is only three feet from him and yet at times it seems a world away.

The process of the Faith makes him very happy, and we reflect that happiness in our faces and hearts. The reverse makes him go into the valley of Gehenna, and we also. When word comes that we have opened up some new territory or country, and now we have 225 opened to the Faith, you can imagine how rejoiced is the Guardian.

He never says, I or Me, he always says we, or the Friends do or say such and such. No one speaks English as does our Guardian. Each word is a jewel of perfection. He spoke frequently of the Shrine of the the Bab as the Queen of Mt. Carmel, seated upon her white throne with her garments of white trimmed with ermine, and her crown of shining gold.

We all listen to his vibrant words with rapt attention mixed with awe at his vast knowledge and wisdom and with a growing conscioiusness of the meaning of the authenticated words of 'Abdu'l-Bahá — "He is the sign of God upon the earth! Hear ye him!"

The Guardian's works, each one, is like a miracle! For example, when the Israeli court awared the house in Bahji which had been occupied by the Covenant Breakers, to the Bahá'ís, that very same day that the decree was awarded, the Guardian had the house demolished and every portion of it carried away and within four and a half days had created a formal garden twelve and a half meters wide and eighty meters long! In the process of making the garden he had a row of large trees uprooted by bulldozers, raised the garden one meter, built roads, paths, planted flowers and shrubbery according to a beautiful design.

All this monumental work was accomplished in four and a half days!

The power and capacity of our beloved Guardian! "He is the sign of God upon the earth!"

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