Read: Two brief pilgrims' notes

These two brief notes comment on 1) atomic energy and 2) the infallibility of the Guardian in his choice of successor. The first is from Charlotte Linfoot to Anna Stevenson and was simply attached with Valera Allen's notes; the second is from a letter Allen wrote to Linfoot. Both were submitted by Robert Stauffer, 1997. Any errors in the originals are retained.


Note from a letter dated March 23, 1955 by Charlotte Linfoot to Anna Stevenson, attached to the Pilgrim notes of Valera Allen, citing a cable from Shoghi Effendi that he would be infallible in his choice of successor. From copy by Anna Stevenson.)

"We have had so many letters asking for clarification of the statement in David Hofman's book about the relationship of the Hands of the Cause and the appointment of the Guardian's successor. THE Guardian cabled us that the statement is incorrect in the book. He will be guided to make the right selection and in this matter will be infallible, and we must accept that or our whole understanding of the Will and Testament is in error."


Valera Allen Pilgrim Note
as contained in a letter written by Mrs. Valera Allen to Miss Charlotte Linfoot
dated February 26, 1955

As copied by Anna Stevenson, January 25, 1956

"........One evening he (the Guardian) came to dinner with the Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh and a newspaper, the London times, Dec. 16th issue. After dinner he began to speak about the article in the London Times and later gave it to us to copy .....article entitled: "Dangers of Atomic Explosions, Assessing the Risk"....."Mr. Wyatt asked the Prime Minister whether he could state with greater exactness the number of atomic and nuclear explosions that he was advised would make lethal the atmosphere over substantial areas of the world; and whether he had now studied the evidence that he (Mr. Wyatt) had submitted to him?"

The article stated Mr. Churchill had no further comment but the Guardian was quite excited about it. He recalled the prophecy in the Tablets about there being a strange and wonderful instrument in the world that had the power to infect the atmosphere of the whole earth. This is not a direct quote but he commented that neither "wonderful" nor "instrument" were correct translations.....the word that should be used in the place of "wonderful" was "astonsihing" and perhaps "material" could be used in place of "instrument"..... Anyway he said this prophecy referred to the atom or hydrogen bobmb. There were three stage in the development of the bobmb. The first stage was the explosion at Hiroshima or Nagasaki - just the immediate vicinity. The second was the development they were speaking about in the London Times - where a "substantial" area of the earth's atmosphere could be infected or contaminated. the third was the one prophesied by Bahá'u'lláh where the atmosphere could be contaminated or infected. He said now is the time to call attention to this prophecy of Bahá'u'lláh's in our teaching work and to quote the article in the London Times.....Perhaps someone at table that night has already sent this word to you, as he wished the Americans to use this in their teaching.

Another thing he said of great importance was his emphatic explanation of the infallibility of the Guardian. He said the Guardian was not only infallible from the standpoint of interpretation of the Writings but he was infallible in whatever he declared himself to be infallible - that was the very nature of infallibility - that he knew when he was infallible. He knew when he was receiving Divine Guidance. Even the designs of the gardens and their development he did not know ahead of time, but each step was revealed to him as he went along. And many other things were the same way - whenever guidance was necessary it was there because he is under the unerring guidance of the Blessed Perfection and "unto him all must turn". Since hearing him speak on this subject one reads the Will and Testament with new eyes and new understanding. v2.7 (213613) © 2005 - 2015 Emanuel V. Towfigh & Peter Hoerster | Imprint | Change Interface Language: DE EN