Read: Baha'i discussion groups on the internet

Table of contents

* Introduction
            o Definition of discussion groups
* BCCA-sponsored discussion groups
            o Bahá'í-only discussion groups
                  + International
                  + Regional
            o Open discussion groups
* Other discussion groups
            o Bahá'í-only discussion groups
                  + Regional
                  + International
            o Open discussion groups
                  + International
                  + Regional



This document, FAQ1, is sponsored by the Bahá'í Computer and Communications
Association, and attempts to provide a comprehensive listing of
Bahá'í-related discussion groups on the Internet.

Many of the groups included in this document are sponsored by the BCCA.
Others are operated and maintained by individuals and groups from around the

The list is divided into the following categories

                  Bahá'í discussion groups on the Internet
                                    /                                     \
                        BCCA-sponsored                   Other
                        /             \                         /       \
            Bahá'í-only       Open Bahá'í-only       Open
            /       \                         /       \       /       \
International Regional       Regional Int'l Int'l Regional

The regional discussion groups are 'regional' because their primary purpose
is discussion or announcements focused on a particular region. Most of them
accept subscribers from anywhere in the world.

The discussion groups listed in this document each have their own guidelines
and rules about confidentiality, forwarding of messages, and so on.
Generally, you will be informed of a discussion group's rules and guidelines
when you subscribe.

FAQ1 is available:

* via email by sending a message to It doesn't matter
      what the subject or text of the message is.

Please pardon any omissions or inaccuracies and send updates and corrections
to Please be concise and follow the existing format
as closely as possible.

In general, email addresses are not case-sensitive. For example, the address
is functionally the same as
. The addresses in this document happen to be
capitalised as normal English is capitalised, but you can generally change
the case to suit yourself when using the addresses. If you are in doubt, use
the capitalisation exactly as it is shown.


Definition of discussion groups

Discussion groups link together, via email, a group of people who share a
common interest. If you belong to a discussion group, you receive every
message that is posted to that group.

Individuals or groups maintain discussion groups, and they usually use list
server software to do so. The software maintains a list of email addresses.
Subscribing and unsubscribing to the list is done by sending an email
message directly to the list server software in the case of discussion that
are open to all, and to a person in the case of discussion groups that have
limited entry.

There are two types of discussion group -- moderated and unmoderated. To
send a message to an unmoderated list, you email it to the list server,
which automatically emails your message to every name on the list. To send a
message to a moderated list, you email it to the mailing list's moderator,
who then sends it on to the list server for distribution. Your message
arrives in subscribers' electronic mailboxes around the world, usually in a
matter of minutes, and at no cost to you.

The activities listed in this document are nearly all in the form of a
discussion group, also known as a "bulletin board", "forum", "echo" or
"mailing list".


BCCA-sponsored discussion groups

Bahá'í-only discussion groups

To join a Bahá'í-only group, send a request to The is the name of the
group to which you want to subscribe. For example, to subscribe to
bahai-discuss, send a request to

If you want to join more than one group, send a request to Include the following information in your

      * Your email address.
      * Your name (Lastname, Firstname).
      * The names of the groups you want to subscribe to.
      * Your Bahá'í ID number and the country of issue. If your national
      assembly does not issue ID numbers, please give the name of a Bahá'í
      who can verify your status.
      * The city, state/province (for US or Canada), and country where you
      * Indicate (Y/N) if you want your information available to other Bahá'ís -
            the default is no

Please note that the Bahá'í International News Service (BINS) ceased
publication with its issue of 15 September 2000 and has been superseded
by the Bahá'í World News Service -

The One Country Newsletter, the newsletter of the Bahá'í International
Community, is also available via electronic distribution. To subscribe
to this newsletter, send a request to
(open to everyone)


The primary purpose of bahai-announce is to rapidly disseminate news and
information to Bahá'ís throughout the world. It is used for announcements,
press releases, important news and short questions.

Currently it has over 1800 subscribers. All Bahá'ís with email are
encouraged to join, because it is used to tie all BCCA discussion groups
together, and it is often the quickest way to distribute news.

The group is moderated to ensure that messages are kept to a length and
frequency acceptable to all. Messages posted to bahai-announce must be of
global interest, or be of interest to a targeted country or continent.
Messages must also be as brief as possible -- any that are longer than about
50 lines will be returned with a request that they be shortened.

When subscribing to this group, state whether you want to receive messages
that relate only to particular countries and continents. For example, if you
say you're interested in messages that relate only to France, then you will
* messages that relate only to France,
* messages that relate only to Europe,
* messages of global interest.

But you won't get:
* messages that relate only to the Pacific,
* messages that relate only to Peru.

Whether you have a learning disability, are a parent or friend of a
child with a learning disability or work with individuals with learning
disabilities, this is the place to talk about it. The purpose of Bahá'ís with
Attention Deficit Disorder/Learning Disabilities (ADD/LD) is to provide
the friends with a forum to extend and exchange their knowledge of learning
disabilities, be sources of encouragement to others, and share their
experiences. Additionally, it can be used to facilitate sharing of
knowledge and resources to and from the friends world wide. The content may
include, but is not limited to, experiences, questions, news, information,
announcements, comments, suggestions and developments regarding ADD/LD.
The address to subscribe is

BCF carries news and announcements from the US national Bahá'í offices,
discussions relating to college and university activities, and discussions
between peers. All youth are welcome to join, and all college clubs are
encouraged to join so that the cost of postal mail-outs can be reduced. The
Campus Forum is sponsored in part by the National Teaching Committee of the
US National Spiritual Assembly.

Open to any Bahá'í in good standing, whether disabled themselves or not, to
consult about any disability in a Bahá'í context. The address used to subscribe is

An unmoderated group, for general discussion and consultation. Expect 20+
messages per day.

Some of the goals and topics of this list include:
1. Discussion of the application of Bahá'í principles to the practice of engineering in today's organizations, whether business, government or other.
2. Discussion of engineering careers.
3. Sharing engineering opportunities and networking.
4. Application of best practices from engineering to the Bahá'í community itself.

The list helps Bahá'í ESL professionals exchange information about
            * the teaching of ESL and EFL from a Bahá'í perspective
            * the development of curriculum incorporating Bahá'í principles
            * professional concerns such as publishing, announcements
            of conferences and other events, etc.
            * employment concerns such as career development,
            job announcements, pioneering posts needing EFL professionals, etc.

This group is open to those interested in homeschooling and those who are
carrying it out.

Bahai-hs-kids is for homeschooled kids (both youth and kids--we hope
that youth will mentor younger children) to talk to each other and
discuss their problems and ways to solve them.

JoyfulNoise is a free forum to discuss things like: using music effectively in
worship, teaching through music, forming a choir, recommendations for
listening, contacts for bookings, itineraries/concert schedules, ads for
your recording, where to get the sheet music for ...whatever, the challenge
of getting paid for one does, even songwriting challenges... And anything
else that might be related (however distantly) to music

Bahai-journalists is a restricted membership list for professional
journalists to share any projects / news / ideas with like-minded folk.
Stance papers, press releases, and news of upcoming events or other Bahá'í
happenings can be shared with journalists in other countries may be able
to pass on to the mainstream media.

This email list is meant to allow Bahá'ís to share pertinent quotes. It is
bilingual (French-English) and dedicated more particularly to the
francophone regions of North America and their spiritual needs.

Bahai-law was set up to act as a vehicle to assist discussion of law and justice
among Bahá'ís in our worldwide community. It can be used to
raise and discuss questions and issues regarding Bahá'í law.

Bahai-men was set up to act as a vehicle to assist networking among Bahá'í
men in our worldwide community. This list can be used to raise and
discuss issues of concern and interest to Bahá'í men (for men only).

Whether you are a new mother, an experienced mother, an adopting mother,
a stepmother, a pregnant mother, a grandmother, or a curious potential
mother, this is the place to talk about Bahá'í mothering (for women only).

Bahai-publishers is a restricted membership list for Bahá'í publishers
and distributors. This list facilitates global communication between Bahá'í
publishers and national distributors.

The purpose of Royal Falcon is to help and strengthen the spirits of Bahá'ís
throughout the world, to share our grief and concerns over the loss of
our beloved helpmates. The group is primarily for widows and widowers, but
others grieving the loss of loved ones are welcome also.

Bahai-singles is a forum for single Bahá'ís to get to know each other. This
moderated list can be used to raise and discuss issues of concern and interest
to single Bahá'ís. It can also be used to post personal biographical information
to general subscribers as a way of introducing yourself. Alternately, your
biographical information can be posted privately to individual subscribers.
Expect 20-25+ messages per day.

Bahai-sisters is a forum for Bahá'í women of African descent from around
the globe, whose purpose is to facilitate connection and communication
among Bahá'í women of the Continent and the Diaspora (for women only).

This group is for discussing techniques and opportunities for teaching
people about the Bahá'í Faith. Its primary purpose is to discuss and
encourage the 'advance in the process of entry by troops' as a goal of the
Four Year Plan. It is an appropriate forum for discussing difficult teaching
questions. Expect 10-25 messages per day.

Bahai-tech is the discussion group for the BCCA. It allows BCCA volunteers
to discuss global computer networking, software, administration, and
accessibility issues, with the objective of exchanging and co-ordinating
information that could be useful to the global Bahá'í community.

Topics on the bahai-tech discussion group include, but are not restricted
* co-ordinating service projects
* exchanging and sharing information
* exploring ways of improving Bahá'í communication using global networks
* developing software to aid local spiritual assembly administration
* producing Bahá'í documents in electronic form
* developing ways to ensure the quality of Bahá'í literature in
      electronic form
* exploring ways to have secure correspondence between Bahá'í
* investigating the psychological and sociological impact of
      computer-mediated communications on group and organisation interaction
* exploring multimedia applications in relation to the Bahá'í Faith
* developing standard methods for implementing Bahá'í BBS systems
      throughout the world.

If you or your institution wants to ask a technical question on bahai-tech,
just send it to the list at If you are not a subscriber
to the list, say so in your message. This will alert respondents to reply
direct to you, as well as to the discussion group.

This group is restricted to women only. The purpose of Bahá'í Women Converse
is to strengthen the voices of Bahá'í women, and enlarge their vision. It
hopes to do this by providing an opportunity for them to converse in a
supportive, encouraging environment. Expect 20-30 messages per day.

This is a working group for people working on Bahá'í-related Web pages.

BYW was created to provide a forum for those coordinating Bahá'í
Youth Workshops, along with assistant coordinators, core members, and other
interested people. It is intended to be used in any way that will be
beneficial to Bahá'í Youth Workshops. The address to subscribe is

Bahai-Youth is an international mailing list for discussions between
youth of 12-18 years. Expect 5-15 messages a day.

DC Youth (Washington DC Metro area Youth)
The purpose of this list is to build a greater web of communication among
youth and young adults in this region - for the exchange of ideas, social
support, upcoming events. To subscribe, send your name and e-mail address

This is a forum by which Bahá'í youth and those interested in participating or
supporting youth activities from the Chicagoland area may let all the others
also on the list know of activities in the area that are going on. The address
used to subscribe to

Movimiento Juvenil Bahá'í is a moderated announcement list for youth of South
America. Spanish is the primary language of the list. The address to subscribe

NEBY (NorthEast Bahá'í Youth)
NWBY (NorthWest Bahá'í Youth)
SBY (Southern Bahá'í Youth)
WBY (Western Bahá'í Youth)
Announcement lists for news about Bahá'í Youth events or other information
relevant to the Bahá'í Youth in each region. The address used to subscribe is

New York City Bahá'í Youth

This list is mainly intended for any youth resident, or once resident in the
Southern African region. To subscribe, send your request to

SBUN - Swedish Bahá'í Youth List
This list is mainly for Swedish youth, although we have some friends from
Norway and the countries around us. There are also former Swedish youth who
have moved to other countries or pioneering who are members on this list.
The purpose of the list is to have a place where youth from Sweden can meet
and talk to each other. To subscribe, send a message to

The main uses for this discussion group are the distribution of news and
information among United Kingdom youth, the sharing of ideas and
experiences, a forum for sharing humour, and a life-line for youth living in
areas where they are isolated from other Bahá'í youth.

YouthOnUnity (YOU)
This is an announcement list aimed primarily at youth of Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. The address to subscribe is

This group is comprised of individuals in the 'helping' professions.
Subjects cover anything of interest related to the professions.

BBFA was organized to provide a means for those Bahá'ís interested in business,
economics and management to share perspectives and network. Some of the goals
and topics of this forum may include the following:
1. Discussion of the application of Bahá'í principles to the management of
today's organizations, whether business, government or other.
2. Discussion of business careers.
3. Sharing business opportunities and networking.
4. Application of best practices from management to the Bahá'í community itself.
Open to Bahá'ís in good standing, and any friends of the Faith who have a Bahá'í

There are 5 core curriculum mailing lists (please specify which list(s)
when subscribing) that are open to any Bahá'ís who have gone through the
core curriculum training:
Core Curriculum Teacher Trainer - (for teacher trainers) - core-teachers
Core Curriculum RaceUnity - (for race unity trainers) - core-raceunity
Core Curriculum MFL - (for marriage and family life trainers) - core-MFL
Core Curriculum Parent Facilitator - (for parent facilitators) - core-parent
Core Curriculum Equality
Core Curriculum - Youth Empowerment Facilitator
The purpose of these lists is to provide Core Curriculum trainers throughout
the world the opportunity to enlarge their vision, be sources of encouragement
to other trainers, and share their Core Curriculum experiences. Additionally
it can be used to facilitate communication to and from the U.S. National
Education Task Force, the U.S. National Teacher Training Center, the U.S.
National Education and Schools Office and between Core Curriculum trained
individuals world wide.

A group for discussing the future international auxiliary language,
including related Bahá'í teachings on the subject, as well as linguistic,
cultural, educational, economic and language policy, and the spiritual
considerations that relate to the process of its adoption.

Mashriq ("rising-place") is an unmoderated discussion-group for every
expression of the spirit of worship, from techniques for private devotions
to the design of (local) houses of worship, not forgetting discussions of
myth and symbol and of the Bahá'í (and related) mystical texts. It will also
offer a resource-file for communities and individuals as they respond to the
Universal House of Justice's call "that the friends hold regular devotional
meetings" and develop "the practice of collective worship of God" and will
foster a network using conventional mail to link local Mashriqu'l-Adhkar
institutions, as they are established, so as to build friendships between
them. To subscribe, send a message to


BAHAI-AU (Australian group, also known as Nur)
This group focusses on the affairs of the Faith in Australia and
neighbouring countries. It is hoped that the group will be a forum for the
members of the Australian Bahá'í community who are on-line -- a place where
members can share news, ideas and opinions, a source of inspiration for the
believers, and a noticeboard for community events. To subscribe, send a
message to . All new subscribers must be verified with
National Records as Bahá'ís n Good Standing in order to do this new subscribers
should send:
Your Full Name:
Your E-mail Address:
Your Bahá'í Community:
Your Postal Address:
Your Bahá'í ID:
Bahá'í ID does exist and may be obtained from the listing of the community
sent to your community secretary by the National Records Officer.

BX-UK is an unmoderated group for United Kingdom Bahá'ís, UK pioneers
abroad and other Bahá'ís who have a particular interest in the UK
community. The group is becoming increasingly useful for communicating with
the UK Bahá'í community and has already stimulated other on-line
activities. Most postings are of general interest.

THE LONDON BAHA'I: a moderated list, run by the Bahá'í Council for
England, for making announcements and disseminating news about events
and activities in London. For more information, or to subscribe please
contact the list administrator at

This group is used to make announcements, inquiries, and so on, throughout
the Hawaii Bahá'í Community. The address used to subscribe is

This German language group is used for announcements of interest to those in German speaking countries. The address used to subscribe is

An unmoderated group, for general discussion and consultation in German of
topics of interest to Bahá'ís. The address used to subscribe is

This group (conducted in Italian) is used to make announcements, inquiries,
and so on, throughout the Italian Bahá'í Community. The address used to
subscribe is

This group is used to make announcements, inquiries, and so on, throughout
the Japan Bahá'í Community. The address used to subscribe is

Primarily an announcement list for the Bahá'ís in the Kanto, Japan area.
The address to subscribe is

This list is intended to promote communications in the Japanese language among
the Bahá'í friends in Japan. The main emphasis is to provide a forum for
exchanges in the Japanese language. The National Assembly of Japan has
agreed to post its messages in Japanese to this list. The address used to
subscribe is

This list is intended for communication among individuals who are or have
Served as pioneers in Japan. Sponsored by the National Pioneer Committee
of Japan.

This group is used to make announcements, inquiries, and so on, throughout
the Danish Bahá'í Community. The address used to subscribe is

The "Bahai-marianas" list is for Bahá'ís only and focuses on the affairs
of the Faith in the Mariana Islands and its neighbours. It is hoped the
list will become a forum for the online members of the Marianas Bahá'í
community - a place where members can share news, ideas and opinions, a
source of inspiration for the believers, and a noticeboard for community

The Bahai-Malaysia list is for Bahá'ís only and focuses on the affairs of
the Faith in Malaysia. To subscribe send your full name and Bahá'í community

The bahai-russia list is a Russian language list that primarily focuses on
the affairs of the Faith in Russia. To subscribe, send your full name and
city of residence (in English) to

The Nordic Bahá'í discussion group is an important channel of information
and communication between the Nordic and Baltic countries. Bahá'ís from the
Nordic and Baltic countries are invited to subscribe, and exchange news,
ideas, questions, comments, material and more. The language will primarily
be English. The address used to subscribe is

A discussion list for Bahá'ís in Ireland, their pioneers and Bahá'í friends
everywhere. To subscribe, please send a message with your full name, e-mail
address, Bahá'í ID #, and city/country of residence to

" ...extending from the Antipodes to the northern islands of the Pacific
Ocean--an axis whose northern and southern poles will act as powerful
magnets, endowed with exceptional spiritual potency, and towards which
other younger and less experienced communities will tend for some time
to gravitate."
This list is for Bahá'ís only and focuses on the affairs of the Faith along
the Spiritual Axis and its neighbours. The list is intended as a forum for
the online portion of the Spiritual Axis Bahá'í community - a place where
members can share news, ideas and opinions, a source of inspiration for the
believers, and a noticeboard for community events. The address used to
subscribe is

UK-Announce is a list for disseminating news about Bahai events and other
information relevant to the Bahais in the United Kingdom. (see below for the announcement list of the UK National Assembly)

The purpose of the mailing list is to assist with the social economic
development work being done in Niagara (Ontario, Canada) and will allow
the on-line Niagara Community the opportunity to comment and share
perspectives. It will also allow the community to informed of SED
activities, and events by email. The address to subscribe is

DC-Announce is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and other
information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Washington DC (USA) area.
The address used to subscribe is

greater-albuq is an announcement list for the greater Albuquerque, NM area.

bahai-us-chicago is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and other
information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Chicago, IL (USA)
area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-columbia-sc is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the Columbia, SC, USA
area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-contracosta is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the Contra Costa County, CA (USA) area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-humboldt-us is a discussion group for the Bahá'ís in Humboldt and
Del Norte counties of California.

bahai-us-houston is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Houston, TX (USA)
area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-us-oceanside is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Oceanside, CA (USA)
area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-us-sacrament-ca is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Sacramento, CA (USA)
area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-us-sandiego is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater San Diego, CA (USA)
area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-us-sf-peninsula is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the San Francisco (CA) peninsula
(USA) area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-us-spokane is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and
other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Spokane, WA (USA)
area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-toronto is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and other information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Toronto, Ontario
(Canada) area. The address used to subscribe is

bahai-us-tucson is a group for disseminating news about Bahá'í events and other
information relevant to the Bahá'ís in the greater Tucson, Arizona
area. The address used to subscribe is

Other state/regional groups in the United States
Currently, there are regional groups set up for all 48 US Continental
states. The address for these groups is (where xx is
the official 2-letter code for the state). These groups are used to
disseminate news about Bahá'í events and other information relevant to the
Bahá'ís in the state/region. Not all state lists are being actively used
at this time. These lists are set up as "automatic" regional lists, meaning
if you provide state information as part of your address information when
you subscribe to other lists, you will be automatically subscribed to your
state list. You many also request to be added to other state lists. To
unsubscribe from any state list, send a message to
[Note: California is split into a North and South list; please specify which
you would like to be sub'd to (or both); bahai-us-ca-north, bahai-us-ca-south]

In addition, the following other US regional lists exist:
* Pacific Northwest - (a discussion type list
      also receives all the announcements sent to nwb-announce)
* EU2 - Electoral Unit 002 (New Hampshire/Vermont) –
* EU024 - Electoral Unit 024 (Southeastern Virginia) -
* EU32 - Electoral Unit 32 (West Central South Carolina) –
* EU62 - Electoral Unit 62 (East Central Florida) –
* EU108 - Electoral Unit 108 (Heartland -Nebraska/Western Iowa) -
* EU153 - Electoral Unit 153 (Amador, Stanilau, San Jouquin & Toulumne
                        Counties, California)
* EU156 - Electoral Unit 156 (Marin, Napa & Sonoma CO, California)
* WISE - Wisconsin, Southeast (moderated list under the sponsorship
            Of the Milwaukee Area Media Task Force (MTF)


Open discussion groups

ALWAH (bahai-bookview)
Alwah is an unmoderated discussion group focused on Bahá'í literature. To
subscribe, send a message to

The Development Forum focuses on social and economic development issues,
ideas and projects. It is open to all and especially oriented for
professionals working in the field. It is hoped that the name,
"noble-creation" will set the tone of the discussion, where humanity's noble
and spiritual nature will be recognized. The discussion group maintains a
web page and document archive at The
address used to subscribe is

Bahai-Dialogue is the electronic discussion group of the Association for
Bahá'í Studies in Australia, PO Box 319, Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia.
The objectives of the list (open to everyone) are:
* To promote the study of the history, teachings and philosophy of the
Bahá'í Faith, and the application of Bahá'í principles to the concerns of
* To facilitate communication to and from the Board of the ABS (Australia)
and between members of the Association and others, including news,
announcements, comments and suggestions.
* To provide a forum for Interest Groups of the Association, including
discussion on any topic related to the Bahá'í Faith.
The address used to subscribe is

The Bahá'í Education mailing list is open to anybody who wishes to discuss the theory and practice of education from a Bahá'í perspective. It is likely to be of interest primarily to parents, teachers, lecturers, tutors, and other educators, but is open to anybody, Bahá'í or non-Bahá'í.
Possible topics of discussion include (but are by no means limited to):
* Bahá'í Schools
* Bahá'í teachers and students in non-Bahá'í schools
* Passages from the Bahá'í Writings concerning education
* Bahá'í perspectives on education theory
The address to subscribe is

Subscribers to this discussion group receive a Bahá'í "quote of the day"
roughly once a day. The address used to subscribe is

This list has been established by the Association for Bahá'í Studies -
Australia to promote communication between the Association and all
those interested in promoting Bahá'í activities on tertiary campuses
in Australia. We hope it will be used by Bahá'í Studies Societies,
students, staff, LSAs, interested committees and individuals, as well
as the Board of the Association. The address used to subscribe is

The race-unity discussion group is moderated and is intended as a place for
positive discussions about activities, projects, proposals, ideas, and such,
to promote harmony and interactions between the various races.

Soc.religion.bahai is a moderated Usenet newsgroup for discussions about the
Bahá'í Faith. Participants in this newsgroup belong to a variety of
religious and non-religious backgrounds. Although the discussion is
moderated for tone and content, the subject matter can easily move to
controversial subjects. The main purpose of soc.religion.bahai is to inform
the public about the Bahá'í Faith and its teachings. Messages to
soc.religion.bahai are accessed at computer sites around the world, and the
readership is estimated at tens of thousands. Messages should not be
addressed to a Bahá'í-only audience.

Soc.religion.bahai may be accessed using newsreader software, possibly
available from your Internet provider.

An email "echo" of soc.religion.bahai is available by subscribing to the
email group Simply send a message to and you will receive copies of all messages
posted to the newsgroup. Be prepared to receive 20-40 emails a day.

The soc.religion.bahai home page is available on the web at It includes an introduction to the Bahá'í Faith,
an archive of past discussions and pointers to other Bahá'í pages on the


Other discussion groups

Bahá'í-only discussion groups


The Research Office of the United States Bahá'í National Center runs two
listservers. ACADEMICS is for Bahá'ís who teach at universities in the
United States; HIGHERED is for Bahá'ís with any other university connection
(student, staff, even alum). The purpose of the listservers is to allow the
Research Office to inform Bahá'ís in academia about matters of interest to
them. If you would like to be on either listserver, please send a message to


Sponsored by the Bahá'í Office for the Advancement of Women (BOAW). To
subscribe, just email your address to Linda at

A list to encourage discussion and understanding between Bahá'í women and
men, facilitating a move towards the Bahá'í Principle of gender equality.
To subscribe, send an e-mail to

Berichten is a Bahá'ís only world-wide Dutch language list. For subscriptions
send email to with the message "abonnement


This discussion group serves the Bahá'ís of British Columbia and the Yukon
in Canada. Contact

This Bahai Bulletin Board for central and northern Ontario is designed to
assist with three areas:
1.Communication of local events and happenings
2.To collect job opportunities from underserviced areas and
promote homefront pioneering.
3.To promote and develop friendships with the Bahai youth
in this area.
Any Bahá'ís (or communities) seeking employment information and homefront
pioineering opportunites in central or northern Ontario, please contact
the: Bahai Bulletin Board - Central/Northern Ontario

The China Forum's primary goals are to encourage friends who are interested
in travelling to or living in the People's Republic of China and to create
interest in China throughout the Bahá'í World Community. It serves as a
means of distributing information about business, job, and study
opportunities, formalities of entering the country, the appropriate
institutions of the Faith with which one should be in contact, life in
China, Chinese culture, and so on. This forum is moderated and follows
guidelines laid down by the Universal House of Justice. To subscribe, please
send your request to

The mailing list is no longer functioning; however the European Bahá'í
Students' Association web-site (In Finnish) is at

The Bahá'í North electronic mailing list is a forum for Bahá'ís to
discuss issues relevant to the Bahá'í Faith in the northern circumpolar
world. The sharing of relevant news and announcements is appropriate.
Prospective pioneers and itinerant teachers to the northern climes are
encouraged to participate and make new contacts on this list. To subscribe to
Bahá'í North email your request including your full name, Bahá'í identification number, and place and country of residence to:

As a moderated mailing list for the Bahá'ís of Quebec, Canada, its purpose
is to promote unity and communication amongst the subscribers.
Announcements (relevant to Quebec) and discussion are welcome. E-mail bahais- to subscribe, stating your name and giving your Bahá'í
credentials. Interested parties from outside Quebec are also welcome to join.



This list is a one-way list, used only for announcements from the
UKNational Assembly and its agencies and will carry no discussions
or other extraneous items. To subscribe, please send your
subscription details (name, address, Bahá'í ID, e-mail address)
to - friends outside the U.K. who
have found the material offered by e-mail of help and who
wish to continue receiving it are also welcome to subscribe.

US, Bahá'ís of Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington Metro Area

US, Bahá'ís of Oregon

US, Spiritual Assemblies of Portland/Vancouver Metro Area

US, Spiritual Assemblies of the State of Oregon

US, Bahá'ís of Portland/Vancouver Metro Area Discussion List

US, Bahá'ís of Oregon Discussion List

US, WA - Tacoma/Pierce County Contact person is

US, Montana (EU127)
send email to

US, Detroit area (surrounding counties, both in the US and Canada)

US, BOSTON, MA Area (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))
The MIT lists serve all Bahá'ís attending or otherwise affiliated with any
Boston-area college or institution of higher education, and also
non-Bahá'ís on these campuses who wish to be involved with the Bahá'ís.
Eight of the larger schools have separate sublists for intra-campus
communication, and there is a deepening list.

To subscribe to any of the MIT lists, send an email note to, providing your name, your Boston-area
college affiliation, and the code(s) which apply from the following:
* Codes:
U=undergrad student, G=grad student, S=staff, A=alumnus, N=nonBahai
(G also = fellows, postdocs, non-resident, special status, etc.,
S also = faculty, research staff, medical staff, admin staff, etc.)
If you are affiliated with more than one Boston-area college, you should
so state, and provide the codes for all. You may also provide your phone
number and address for the directory published periodically to the master
list. We especially encourage alumni of the schools to subscribe, so they
can be supportive for those in school now, and to develop another sense of
commmunity, connected with the campus but spanning across time. We will
also create separate alumni lists if 5+ alumni from a Boston-area school
desire this. MIT alumni should note that they may obtain a permanent MIT
"" email address from MIT, which would be ideal to subscribe
to an alumni list. Harvard offers "" addresses, and the
other schools may follow suit if a sufficient number of alums request this.

            Boston Area Bahá'í College Clubs (Master List)
      Boston University
      Brandeis University
Harvard University & Radcliffe
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Northeastern University
Tufts University
      University of Massachusetts Boston
Wellesley College
deepening/study/information list


The email list for Bahá'ís with mental disorders, for Bahá'ís who have
a family member or are in a close, caring relationship with a person
who has a mental disorder and for Bahá'í mental health professionals.

The purposes of the list are to create a safe haven and online
support group; to act as a forum for discussion of mental health
ssues within a Bahá'í context; to share real life and Internet
resources; to promote wellness. The list is founded on the belief that
a free and full consultation between Bahá'ís with differing
perspectives will lead to better understanding of and new approaches
to mental health.

No information or advice exchanged on this list is intended to serve
in the place of consultation with a mental health professional.
Information and advice are for educational purposes only. This list is
not associated with nor does it represent the views of any Bahá'í
institution. The list is a project of its owner, Bud Polk.
Send an email to
Also see:

The Bahá'í Outposts list was created for Bahá'ís who are settled in the
far-flung outposts of the Faith as forum where they, whether pioneers or
natives, may share their prospects and challenges, their hopes and fears
and stories. Prospective pioneers and travelling teachers are warmly
encouraged to participate and make new contacts on this list.

To SUBSCRIBE to Bahá'í Outposts please email your request including your
full name, Bahá'í ID number, and place and country of residence to:

(If your country does not issue Bahá'í ID numbers, some other proof that
you are a Bahá'í is required, such as a personal reference.)

The Roots discussion group explores the Persian and Arabic origins of the
Faith. It focuses on the social, cultural, historical and religious impact
of South Western Asia and North Africa (the "Middle East") on the Bahá'í
Faith. A secondary purpose of Roots is the study of Bahá'í history.
Discussion about the growth and development of the Bahá'í Faith, its heros
and heroines on any continent is welcomed.

To subscribe sent the following message to

      subscribe roots


Open discussion groups


Alt.religion.bahai is an unmoderated Usenet newsgroup. All topics and ideas
relevant to the Bahá'í Faith -- its history, teachings, theology and so on
* are appropriate areas for discussion.

Alt.religion.bahai may be accessed using newsreader software, possibly
available from your Internet provider. The newsgroup is not widely
available, so you may need to access it on the world wide web via Deja News

talk.religion.bahai is an unmoderated usenet newsgroup about the Bahá'í Faith.

Art&Soul is a discussion-group for diverse ways of discussing the arts. It
is part of the Bahá'í Association For the Arts (BAFA); a non-profit
organisation that encourages networking, the sharing of information and the
promotion of the arts across all disciplines and from all cultures. BAFA
also produces the paper quarterly, Arts Dialogue, and manages a web-site at

To subscribe, send the message "Subscribe" in the subject line to
art-nsoul-list-request@tarazat.NL with your name in the main text. You can
subscribe via the web-site at

Participants are welcome to exchange views and ideas, and to post any of the

* Essays on the arts (with the email address of the author or someone
      else authorized to pass on email copies),
* Advertisements for art items that are for sale.

The list is an automatic forwarding device. The list owner does not moderate
content. Participants are free to argue for whatever views they wish,
provided they do so courteously and on the basis of evidence and sound

This list is open to members of the Faith - practicioners, professionals,
academics, researchers, naturalists, environmentalists, activists,
volunteers and other interested people. Anyone with a keen interest in
the environment is welcome.
To subscribe, send a blank email to
Once subscribed, to post a message, send it to
Subscribers only may also access the list at
To unsubscribe, send a blank email to

Sharing and discussion of poetry and other short writing by list members.
List manager is Kim Hodges

To subscribe, send the following command, in the body of your message, to (leave the subject line blank):

      subscribe images-of-reality firstname lastname
(replace 'firstname lastname' with your name, for example: Jane Doe)

BAHA'I STUDIES NETWORK (mailing lists summarized below
and a newsletter maintained by Mark Foster)
Go to for details on how to subscribe
to each list:

* Bahá'í Studies List is for discussion of Bahá'í studies topics, deepening, etc.
* The Bahá'í Reality List focuses on ontology (the nature of reality) and cosmology (the worlds of God or conditions of existence) as the foundation for the divine philosophy of the Prophets. Ethics (the acquisition of spiritual qualities or virtues and the eradication of human imperfections) and epistemology (ways of knowing) both require an understanding of divine metaphysics.
*The Bahá'í Bridges List exists primarily for academic Bahá'í studies and scholarship. It is a research-oriented working list. Subscription is by invitation and application only. Individuals may request an invitation and application. The list's web space is at
The Bahá'í Meditation List is for discussion of prayer, meditation, spiritual communion, and related subjects.
* Educate: The Bahá'í Faith, Sociology, and Anthropology List is primarily for sociologists, anthropologists, other interested social scientists, students, and anyone else who would enjoy our company. ;-) We are involved in exploring the role of the social scientist in a Bahá'í context, the social scientific study of the Bahá'í Faith, and other subjects.
* The Bahá'í Studies in Sufism List is open to anyone who is interested in exploring the intersections (academically, experientially, or otherwise) between the Babi Faith, the Bahá'í Faith, Sufism, and Shi'ism.
* The Bahá'í Teaching Project List's purpose is to discuss, to plan, and perhaps even to implement teaching projects which are designed to attract individuals to the Bahá'í Faith. It includes, but is not limited to, those techniques which have been referred to as mass teaching.
* The Association for Bahá'í Studies Science-Religion Special Interest Group Discussion List, sponsored by the Association for Bahá'í Studies, will discuss the relationship between science and religion according to the Bahá'í Faith.
* The Bahá'í Apologetics List's purpose is to formulate proofs and evidences to support the Bahá'í Faith and its teachings. While, strictly speaking, apologetics is a branch of theology, there is no expectation that all list members will be professional theologians or academic scholars of religion.
* The Bahá'í Community Development List's purpose is to host discussions on the subject of Bahá'í community development.


The purpose of the mailing list is discuss issues related to marriage and
family as they pertain to youth, so of course much of the discussion will
be about topics such as chastity, dating, and parents. The FAQ for the
mailing list can be found at ,
The BYMFL Home Page as well as a form for joining the list. The list archive
can be found at . The list is moderated and
conducted according to the Bahá'í
principles of consultation and courtesy.

CREATIVE WORD (known as From Heart to Heart)
This discussion group is limited in number, and is dedicated to the study of
the Creative Word. For more information, send an email message to:, with the word "info" in the body of the

To serve as a support group for diabetics in the Bahá'í
Community. It is similar to other support groups, with the exception of
Bahá'u'lláh as being a central component to the group. Please use the
following addresses: to subscribe to unsubscribe to post messages and participate in
the list (after you have successfully subscribed per the above
instructions). Any questions or problems signing on, reply to

H-Bahai is an interactive network of scholars, teachers, and students who
use a variety of electronic & print media to foster productive exchange of
ideas and materials in the social sciences and humanities. The H-Bahai list
uses electronic mail for interactive communication about teaching and
research, and to disseminate announcements and professional information.
For more details, view the H-Bahai web site, at To subscribe, send the following email
message to

      sub h-bahai your name, institution


      sub h-bahai Jane Smith, Illinois State U.

Follow the instructions in the reply that LISTSERV will send you.

This newsletter is published monthly (except during July & August). To
subscribe, send a message to

The purpose of this listserv is to provide a forum, whereby Bahá'ís working
in or interested in higher education can:
1) Develop an international network of Bahá'í postsecondary educators
2) Discuss issues of mutual concern
3) Share scholarly endeavors
4) Examine and elaborate new directions for higher education
5) Explore their roles in the rapidly changing higher education system
6) Communicate opportunities for teaching and service in the workplace

To subscribe, send an email to
with the body (subject line will be ignored)
      subscribe b-higher firstname lastname

The purpose of the Irfan discussion group is to disseminate information and
ideas emerging from the academic study of the Bahá'í Faith beyond the
academic community and to facilitate discussions of issues relating to the
Bahá'í Faith that are informed by academic scholarship and by spiritual

Irfan is currently unmoderated. To subscribe, email Use a
phrase like "subscribe irfan" in the subject line of your message. The
subscriptions are done manually, and it may take a few days to process them.

MITHRAS, Bahá'í Health Care Providers
Mithras currently has about 200 subscribers. To subscribe, send email to

Talisman is a moderated, independent forum for the discussion of issues in
Bahá'í scholarship, mysticism, sociology, and community affairs.
Subscription requests should be sent to
Members are expected to defend views in a reasoned manner, and not simply
through scripture quotation. Scholarly studies are sometimes posted, as are
fresh translations of Bahá'í scripture and other material by academics.
Discussions may be passionate, but personal politeness is required of all
participants by the listowner. The group succeeds,
begun at Indiana University in the fall of 1994.


"One Pl@net" consists of different news services for the German-speaking Bahais
around the world. This is a private project of Juergen Wiedenhoefer and Parand
Rohani, which has been approved and is supported by the German NSA. There is
a regular newsletter (approx. every two weeks), the German translation of the
European OPI-Bulletin, special newsflashs for up-to-date news and much more.
This list is open only to Bahá'ís, so users should provide name, bahai-ID, city and
country of residence. Subscriptions should be sent to:>. Submissions to be included in the newsletter and general
inquiries can be directed to There is also a web-site at .

KORERO: New Zealand-related
Korero is open to anyone who has a connection with Aotearoa/New Zealand and
has an affinity for Bahá'í topics and themes. To get further information or
to subscribe, visit the web-site at

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