Read: Baha'i Leads out of the Labyrinth, by Ruth White

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      Bahai Leads out of the Labyrinth. By Ruth White. Universal Pub. Co., 132 E. 65th St., New York, $2.00. An enthusiastic report of personal experiences in meetings with Abdul Baha, visits to Palestine and association with the Bahai faithful, and an exposition of those phases of the Bahai faith which are considered most relevant to the world's present need. There is a chapter on

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"prophecies of the Great Pyramid," the measurements of which are held to prove that "1957 will see the beginning of universal peace" - a proposition confirmed by Abdul Baha's interpretation of Dan. 12:12. (Daniel's 1,335 days added to 622, the date of Mohammed's hegira in terms of Christian chronology, gives 1957. Q.E.D.) Along with much that will seem fantastic to any but Bahais, there is much discourse on a high moral and spiritual plane. v2.7 (213613) © 2005 - 2015 Emanuel V. Towfigh & Peter Hoerster | Imprint | Change Interface Language: DE EN