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Letters of Shoghi Effendi to individual believers, groups and Bahá'í Communities of Germany and Austria

27.2.22Professor A. Forel
5.1.23Bahá'ís GB, F, D, I, CH
18.12.25Bahá'í's in Esslingen
15.2.26Mrs Brauns
4.11.26Mrs Brauns
9.11.26single believer, Esslingen
6.4.28Friends gathered in Karlsruhe
11.4.29Bahá'ís in Karlsruhe
11.4.29Mrs Brauns
8.6.29Bahá'ís in Europe
9.6.29Mrs Walcker, Rostock
20.11.29Bahá'ís of Esslingen
30.4.30Friends gathered Esslingen
14.12.30Mrs Diestelhorst
8.4.31Mrs Diestelhorst
10.9.31Mrs Brauns
17.9.31Mrs Diestelhorst
14.1.32Mrs and Miss Walcker
6.12.32Bahá'ís of Esslingen
11.12.32Mrs Diestelhorst
2.1.33Mr Barthel, Frankfurt
16.4.33Mrs Walcker
25.4.34Bahá'ís of Esslingen
25.4.34Miss Köstlin
25.9.34Bahá'ís of Geislingen and Göppingen
20.11.34Bahá'ís of Göppingen
20.11.34Mr Schultheiß, Göppingen
7.12.34Bahá'ís of Goppingen
13.12.34Mrs Diestelhorst, Berlin
13.1.35Bahá'ís of Esslingen
15.4.35Bahá'ís of Esslingen
21.5.35Mrs Walcker, Rostock
17.6.35Bahá'ís of Esslingen

5.7.35Mr and Mrs Diestelhorst, Berlin
3.8.35Mr A.Lorey
24.12.35Mr Schultheiß
25.1.36Dr. A. Mühlschlegel
26.1.36LSA Esslingen
31.3.36LSA Esslingen
19.10.36Mrs L. Rommel, Esslingen
25.10.36Miss Köstlin, Esslingen
3.3.37LSA Rostock
23.6.37Mr and Mrs Charles Würtenberger
20.10.37Herr Lorey
7.1.38Frau Pöllinger, Vienna
18.1.38Friends in Esslingen
1.2.38Frau Pöllinger, Vienna
20.3.38Mrs Anna Grossmann
29.3.38Miss A. Köstlin, Mr H. Schäfer, Mr R.Schultheiss, Frau Marta Weiss, Mrs E. Rosner
7.5.39Herrn und Frau Schäfer, Miss Anna Köstlin
26.5.46Miss E. Horn and Bahá'ís Frankfurt
3.7.46Mrs Walcker
11.7.46Bahá'í Community, Esslingen
12.7.46Dr. H. Grossmann, family and friends
25.7.46Miss E. Horn, Dr. H. Grossmann, Mr B. Davison
29.7.46Mr A. Lorey
30.7.46Dr. H. Grossmann
29.12.46Miss Táhirih Schwedler

18.1.47Miss Elsa Grossmann
9.2.47Mrs Anna Grossmann
18.2.47Bahá'í Community Plochingen
18.2.47Bahá'ís of Rostock, Warnemünde and Schwerin
18.2.47Mr and Mrs Klitzing
22.2.47Bahá'ís of Plochingen
30.3.47Bahá'í Community Göppingen-Plochingen
3.47Dr.Karl Schück
1.4.47Mr Karl-Heinz Laux
4.4.47Miss Edith Horn
4.4.47LSA Stuttgart
12.4.47Bahá'ís of Esslingen
3.5.47Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
13.6.47Mrs Anna Grossmann
4.7.47Bahá'í Community Karlsruhe
19.7.47LSA Stuttgart
27.9.47Mr and Mrs Lorey
14.11.47Mrs Diestelhorst, Berlin
21.11.47Miss Edith Horn, Frankfurt
21.11.47Mr Emil Jörn
25.11.47unknown recipient
27.11.47Mrs and Miss Schwedler, Warnemünde
8.12.47Bahá'í Community Esslingen
18.11.47a believer in Esslingen
30.1.48Bahá'í Friends in Schwerin
2.6.48Bahá'ís of Esslingen, present at Naw-Rúz 105
10.6.48Mrs Anna Grossmann
10.6.48Mr and Mrs Lorey
11.6.48Bahá'í Youth Esslingen
3.7.48Dr.Karl Schück

3.12.48Mrs Anna Grossmann
13.12.48Miss Elsa Grossmann
8.2.49Mr Günter Heyd
2.3.49Mrs Margarete and Miss Charlotte Walcker
11.3.49National Youth Committee
20.3.49Dr. Karl Schück
24.3.49Mr A. Lorey
31.3.49Mr Peter Mühlschlegel
11.4.49Dr. Hermann Grossmann
15.4.49Mrs Anna Grossmann
27.5.49Mrs Berta Bopp
30.5.49Bahá'í Community of Stuttgart
5.6.49Mrs Marie Schenk
30.9.49Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
20.10.49National Youth Committee
22.10.49LSA Bergstrasse
22.10.49Mr Peter Mühlschlegel
30.10.49Mrs Anna Grossmann
12.11.49Dr. Hermann Grossmann
18.12.49National Youth Committee
28.3.50Mrs Anna Grossmann
30.9.50LSA Berlin
2.10.50Youth Summer School
6.10.50Mr and Mrs Karl Klitzing, Mrs Ella Buchholz
26.10.50Mrs Anna Grossmann
26.10.50Mr Peter Mühlschlegel
10.2.51Miss Elsa Grossmann
10.2.51Miss Edith Horn
5.4.51Believers present at World Youth Day
22.4.51National Youth Committee
31.5.51Mr Peter Mühlschlegel

19.9.51Bahá'ís gathered at Dilsberg
30.10.51unknown recipient
6.12.51Bahá'í Youth gathered at Maulbronn
20.1.52Bahá'ís present at Winter Youth Meeting
14.3.52Mr Peter Mühlschlegel
12.4.52Youth present on World Youth Day
7.5.52Bahá'í Community of Heidelberg
23.5.52Bahá'ís gathered in Frankfurt Ridván 1952
25.5.52Mr Peter Mühlschlegel
30.8.52Youth Summer School Heppenheim
29.11.52Youth gathered at Heilbronn
13.3.53Friends in Esslingen 17.3.57
13.3.53Youth gathered in Tilisee
16.3.53Mr Paul Gollmer
16.3.53Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
19.4.53Frau Johanna von Werthern
7.5.53Bahá'ís of Esslingen
16.5.53Believers in Frankfurt
1.11.53Miss Edith Horn
8.2.54Dr. Hermann Grossmann
11.5.54Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
2.6.54Bahá'í Group of Munich
5.9.54Dr. Hermann Grossmann

4.10.54Youth Summer School
12.12.54The Bahá'ís of Vienna
30.9.55Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
13.1.56Bahá'í Youth present at Titisee Winter School
26.3.56Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
3.5.56Mrs Johanna von Werthern
26.8.56Miss Elsa Maria Grossmann
16.9.56Mr Robert Schultheiß
28.9.56Miss Elsa Maria Grossmann
15.11.56Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
17.11.56Bahá'í Group of Salzburg
30.11.56Dr. Hermann Grossmann
6.12.56Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
6.12.56Miss Elsa M.Grossmann
15.12.56Dr. K. Schück
2.2.57Bahá'í Group of Salzburg
17.3.57Mrs Anna Grossmann
25.3.57Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
28.3.57Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
28.4.57Miss Elsa M. Grossmann
14.5.57Dr. Adelbert Mühlschlegel
28.5.57Youth present in Aachen Mai 19, 1957
31.5.57the Bahá'ís of Salzburg
4.6.57LSA Graz
4.6.57Mr. Robert L. Schultheiss
22.7.57Miss Elsa M. Grossmann
7.8.57LSA Graz
24.10.57Dr. Hermann Grossmann

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