Read: Outline Study Guide of the Kitab-i-Iqan

Part One

I. To attain to the knowledge of God one must put his trust in Him and disregard the standards of men. -14 II. The reasons for failure to recognize and accept a Prophet are many. 14- 89 III. In this age the story of past Revelations is being repeated. IV. The people of the Bayan should take warning not to forget the wishes and admonitions of their Holy Book, lest they in turn inflict upon a new Manifestation what was inflicted upon the former. 92-93

Part Two

I. The Manifestations reveal an all-compelling power. 97-139 II. The greatest of blessings is to attain to the presence of the Manifestation in the Day of Resurrection. 139-147 III. In each Dispensation occurs a return of the qualities exhibited in earlier Dispensations. 148-161 IV. All the manifestations are at the same time the first and the last, the beginning and the seal. 161-175 V. The Manifestations of God have each a twofold station. 152-154, 176- 181 VI. The seeker after Divine Knowledge must turn to the Prophets and to the illumined in heart. 182-191 VII. The requirements for one who seeks the knowledge of God are as follows. 192-195 VIII. The seeker thus endowed (cleansed of all impeding attachments) will be transformed. 196-199 IX. By "the City of Certitude" is meant the Word of God, which is the greatest proof of the Manifestation. 199-211 X. Every Dispensation has believed its Prophet to be the final Manifestation. 135-137, 212-221 XI. There are, however, many proofs of the truth of the New Revelation. 221-257 v2.7 (213613) © 2005 - 2015 Emanuel V. Towfigh & Peter Hoerster | Imprint | Change Interface Language: DE EN