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  1. Attacks on the Faith  Read  

  2. Baha'is and Military Service  Read  

  3. Banning of Baha'i Religious Institutions in Iran, The  Read  

  4. Basis of the Baha'i Community, The  Read  

  5. Copyright Status of Baha'i Texts  Read  

  6. Dates in Baha'u'llah and the New Era  Read  

  7. Five Year Plan, 2001-2006  Read  

  8. Human Rights are God-Given Rights  Read  

  9. Information for Baha'is called to fill out the Questionnaire on military duty under the Draft Act 1940  Read  

  10. Introduction to a Statement on Race Unity  Read  

  11. Investing and Finance  Read  

  12. Jews and the Crucifixion  Read  

  13. Membership in the National Organization for Women  Read  

  14. Obedience to Civil Authority  Read  

  15. Pledge of Allegiance  Read  

  16. Results of the First Regional Baha'i Council Election  Read  

  17. Special Report on Baha'i Burial vs. Maori Custom  Read  

  18. Spiritual Institutions  Read  

  19. Spiritualization of the Baha'i Community  Read  

  20. Statement on Homosexuality  Read  

  21. Use of appropriate domain names by Baha'is on the Internet  Read