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4369 files in 259 directories in 8 languages (264.2 MB)

1. Ensure the right language is chosen. The flag at the top shows the currently chosen language
2. Limit the search area with the drop down menu,
3. Fill in your query and press "Enter" oder click "Search"

As a standard, the search engine looks for an exact match of your query term in spelling and word order, as is indicated by the check the box "match accents and umlauts".
For a powerful "fuzzy search" (which is much slower), uncheck that box. The search engine then works on the HTML files and text files with or without umlauts or diacritic marks or accented characters.
All umlauts are treated just as their closest ASCII counterpart (for instance á as a, ö as o etc.). All accents and diacritic marks are ignored so that you find every possible spelling of Bahá'í if you search for bahai.
A blank space is interpreted as "and" just as in Google. The valid range for finding a query with spaces is one paragraph but not more than 200 characters.
A query may contain * wildcards. A * represents a range of 0 to 50 random characters.

The search engine searches a textbase of Ocean, a research tool for Windows (more info at Moreover, we are very proud to present here the extensive private BAHAI LIBRARY ( textbase in its entirety. Finally, we have added the texts of the free ARCHIVE tool (available at at We think that this makes our research tool have the largest available online textbase.

Why is the interface shown in a wrong language?
The application automatically determines the language settings of your web browser (in your case: "en"). The search program is bilingual, if the browser settings are "de", the interface will be German, in all other cases in English. If you prefer language settings differing from this, either change the interface language on the bottom of the page or modify the settings of your browser accordingly.

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