Read: 2000 Sept 12, Materials to be Deposited with the Baha'i World Centre Library

Baha'i World Centre Library

12 September 2000

To all National Spiritual Assemblies, Regional Baha'i Councils, Baha'i Publishing Trusts and Associations for Baha'i Studies

Dear Baha'i Friends,

The International Baha'i Library holds the principal depository collection of Baha'i and Baha'i-related publications in the world, maintaining a permanent historical record of all your achievements in this field. Through the co-operation and generosity of all of you, the collection is kept up-to-date and is reflective of the increasing recognition being accorded the Faith and the vitality of your communities in there publishing endeavours. It is in this connection and on behalf of the Universal House of Justice that we remind you once again of the importance of keeping up with the need to deposit with the Library copies of materials published by you, or your institute, committees and agencies. The list of materials being requested, which was sent to you on 1 July 1998, has now been revised and is enclosed. Please replace that earlier list with this revised version.

For works in languages other than Persian, Arabic and major European languages, please enclose in the package or with a separate cover letter an English translation of the title and, in the case of non-Roman alphabets, a transliteration into Roman letters of the following: the author's name, the title, the place of publication, the publisher, and where applicable the periodical numbering and date of issue. Transliteration is the process of putting into the Roman alphabet the equivalent of the original words. If the work is a translation or an adaptation of a work originally published in another language, please indicate this as well.

As more Baha'i publications and audiovisual materials are produced by independent Baha'i-owned and non-Baha'i publishing firms, it is important that the Baha'i World Centre Library become aware of, and acquire, these publications. The Library has agreements with major independent Baha'i-owned publishers, but needs to be aware of all the independently produced Baha'i publications. National Spiritual Assemblies may send pertinent information on such independently produced materials to the World Centre Library so that the publications may be ordered by the Library, or the Assemblies may send copies to the World Centre, in which case the Library will reimburse all costs.

We also remind you that the Universal House of Justice wishes to receive copies of non Baha'i publications which contain significant mention of the Baha'i Faith: books, pamphlets, theses or dissertations, magazine and journal articles, and newspaper stories. If it is not possible to send the original publication, please send a photocopy of the pertinent portion and of the title page of the work from which it is taken.

We ask that National Spiritual Assemblies inform all their national committees, offices and agencies of this letter and its enclosure. This is particularly important for National Teaching Committees, Baha'i Education Committees, and training institutes.

We have noted a growing tendency for Baha'i publishers (committees, institutes and the like) to address copies of their publications to specific institutions and Offices at the World Centre, other than the Library. While we appreciate the sentiment behind this tendency, please note that all publications received at the World Centre by any Office are forwarded to the Library for processing and distribution as required.

The receipt of newsletters, pamphlets, booklets, etc., by Offices other than the Library adds to the workload of those Offices, and can cause confusion about what has been received by whom. The Library maintains a few specific branch libraries and it is for this reason that we request five copies.

It would greatly help the World Centre if the required number of copies of all publications could be addressed directly to:

Baha'i World Centre Library
P0. Box 155
31 001 Haifa

Your continued assistance in creating an effective International Baha'i Library is deeply appreciated.

With loving Baha'i greetings,
For the Baha'i World Centre Library


Materials to be Deposited with the Baha'i World Centre Library

Revised: June 2000

1. Monographs (books, booklets, pamphlets, leaflets)

1.1. 5 copies of each new publication
1.2. 5 copies of each new edition
1.3. 5 copies of reprints where the printing is done by a different publisher
1.4. 5 copies of reprints that contain corrections
1.5. 5 copies of reimpressions by the same publishing agency where there is no correction, change or revision

If the number of copies printed is very small, you may reduce the number of copies sent to 2. By publication is meant not only typeset publications, but also mimeographed, photocopied and offset publications in those countries where these are important means for making literature available.

2. Audiovisual and publicity materials (cassette and reel tapes, sound discs, compact discs, video cassettes, slide shows, filmstrips, motion pictures, posters, broadsides, postcards, greeting cards)

2.1. 2 copies of published audiovisual materials, except motion pictures
2.2. 1 copy of motion pictures (the Library can arrange to reimburse the producer for the cost)
2.3. 2 samples of all publicity and proclamation materials (posters, greeting cards, etc.)

3. Miscellaneous individual publications

3.1. 5 copies each of your annual reports, national convention reports and directories in the original language as well as any translations you may choose to prepare
3.2. 2 copies of brochures / programmes relating to special events such as conferences, commemorations and schools
3.3. 2 copies of book sale catalogues, price lists and promotional brochures issued by your Assembly, Publishing Trust, Publishing Committee or Book Distribution Service
3.4. 2 copies of calendars
3.5. 2 copies of computer software diskettes or CD-ROMs (produced for sale)
3.6. 1 set of all correspondence courses produced
3.7. 2 sets of curriculum materials
3.8. 1 copy of each Braille publication

4. Newsletters, bulletins, periodicals

4.1. 5 copies of every issue of all bulletins, newsletters and periodicals published by you or your subordinate bodies for nationwide distribution (to be sent by airmail if possible)
4.2. All institutes within your jurisdiction are requested to send three copies of each issue of any newsletter or bulletin. If the newsletter is published in various language editions, three copies of each issue of each language edition should be sent. It would also greatly assist the Baha'i World Centre if the date and number of each issue could be clearly shown in English on the cover of each issue.

5. Non-Baha'i publications mentioning the Faith

5.1.Newspaper clippings/cuttings - 1 copy of each clipping Such clippings should conform to the following criteria:

5.1.1. They should be articles containing direct reference to the Faith or to Baha'is.
5.1.2. They should be from your country's major newspapers only, except where an article in a local newspaper is deemed highly significant; countries with infrequent newspaper publicity should send all articles.
5.1.3. Articles should be complete, including all continuations if the articles appeared on several pages or in several issues of the newspaper
5.1.4. They should be sent as soon as possible after publication, as timeliness is important.
5.1.5. They should be completely identified, including the title of the newspaper, where they were published, and the date of publication; transliteration of the newspaper and article titles should be provided if they are in a non-Roman alphabet.
5.1.6. Original cuttings are preferred (or good quality photocopies if the original is not available, on plain white paper); please do not glue, staple or tape cuttings.

5.2. Magazines, journals, periodicals by non-Baha'is mentioning the Faith
1 copy of the entire issue. If this is not possible, a photocopy of the cover, the table of contents page and the pages containing the entire article in which the Faith is mentioned would be acceptable.
5.3. Books
1 copy of the entire book. If this is not possible, a photocopy of the title page, the publication data and the relevant pages where the Faith is mentioned would be acceptable. v2.7 (213613) © 2005 - 2021 Emanuel V. Towfigh & Peter Hoerster | Imprint | Change Interface Language: DE