Read: 1998 Sept 22, Internet-covenant breakers

Forwarded message: To: "Baha'i Announce"
Date: 22 September 1998
Re: Covenant Breaker Web Sites

Friends: The following is an extract of a letter recently received from the World Centre. It addresses questions and issues posted some time ago.

...The House of Justice is aware of the Web sites established on the Internet by Covenant-breaker groups, and while it is closely following the issue, it sees no cause for undue concern. One important means of protecting the Faith is to ensure that Baha'is and non-Baha'is alike have ready access to authentic Baha'i literature and accurate information about the Faith. Web sites such as "The Baha'i World" and "One Country" now provide individuals interested in learning about the Baha'i Faith with a large and ever-expanding body of material on the Faith, attractively presented and illustrated. Of course, the greatest protection to the Cause will be through ongoing deepening of the Baha'i community in the Covenant and the history and teachings of the Faith.

The House of Justice feels that posting a warning about this site on "bahai-announce" would be unwise, as it would, in all likelihood, serve to give the site more attention or prominence than it would otherwise receive. You will, of course, want to continue to inform the Auxiliary Board member of any new Covenant-breaker Web sites that you encounter.

Department of the Secretariat
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