Read: 2001 Oct 9, Authenticity of Prayer for New York

The Universal House of Justice

The Bahá'í World Centre
Department of the Secretariat

9 October 2001

Mrs. Carrie L. Bartoldus

Dear Baha'i Friend,

In response to your email of 26 September 2001 enquiring about the authenticity of a Prayer for New York revealed by 'Abdu'l-Baha, we are able to confirm that this prayer is indeed authentic. However, as it was noted that the electronic copy of the prayer, which you appended to your message, differs somewhat from the version held at the Baha'i World Centre, we provide the following authorized translation for your information.

I eagerly anticipate the day when New York will become a blessed spot from which the call to steadfastness in the Covenant of God will go forth to every part of the world, thus making that city outstanding from every point of view.
Bless Thou, O King of Kings, the city of New York! Cause the friends there to be kind to one another. Purify their souls and make their hearts to be free and detached. Illumine the world of their consciousness. Exhilarate their spirits and bestow celestial power and confirmation upon them. Establish there a heavenly realm, so that the City of Baha may prosper and New York be favoured with blessings from the Abha Kingdom, that this region may become like the all-highest Paradise, may develop into a vineyard of God and be transformed into a heavenly orchard and a spiritual rose garden.

With loving Baha'i greetings,
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