Read: 2002 April 26, US NSA 5 Year Plan - Lines of Action a Welcome Integration

The Universal House of Justice

26 April 2002

The National Spiritual Assembly of The Baha'is of the United States

Dear Baha'i Friends,

The spirit and substance of the annual Ridvan message you have addressed to your community have impressed us for the vision, courage and sense of determination conveyed. We are moved therefore to express our warm commendation for your assertion of such qualities of leadership at a time when the Army of Light must of necessity be doubly mobilized to counter the march of forces of darkness that are wreaking fear and confusion in the hearts of people everywhere.

In the confused aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, your placing of the statement, "The Destiny of America and the Promise of World Peace" in a December edition of "the New York Times" reflected a mastery of opportunity on your part; for the statement conveyed a message that was not simply appropriate to the tragic situation it addressed, it was unique as well to the experience of the American public because of the source and character of the information, challenge and solace it offered at a painful moment in the life of your nation. So bold and timely an initiative illustrates the degree of alertness that should obtain if constructive responses are to be made by the followers of Baha'u'llah to the special opportunities that arise from incidences of crisis and turmoil for the propagation of His healing Message.

We have no doubt that the members of your community, in their desire to ensure the unhindered progress of the Cause of God, will take to heart and translate into effective deeds the insights and guidelines you have set forth as requisites to their success in the Five Year Plan. The lines of action you have so clearly delineated for advancing the process of entry by troops make for a welcome integration of effort at all levels of the community. The teaching work, largely stimulated by the increasingly effective media campaign, driven by individual and collective activity, and fortified by the consolidation work involving the institute process and its study circles, as well as the devotional meetings, children's classes and youth programs that are multiplying-all these constitute key elements which, operating within the framework of cluster, can and will guarantee a systematic pattern of growth.

The eagerness with which these activities are being embraced throughout the community, taken together with the demonstrated generosity of the American believers in providing material means, bodes well for a thrust in the progress of the Cause in the United States. In this regard, we also take the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the sacrificial manner in which they support the various funds-local, national, continental and international-to which they contribute substantially in fat or lean times. In addition to these, the efforts they make to respond to special needs of the Cause, as in the case of the World Centre Endowment Fund abroad and in that of the Kingdom Project at home, proves beyond any doubt the strength of their faith and the depth of their devotion to the one Source through which the ills of the world can be healed. May they continue to appreciate the spiritual priorities that such individual material sacrifices serve. The worse world conditions become, the more acute the need for such devoted acts of generosity. Writing in the tablets of the Divine Plan of the requirements of the teaching work, the beloved Master asserts that "The scope of your exertions must needs be extended", immediately following with the promise that "The wider its range, the more striking will be the evidence of divine assistance". It is a thought that bears consideration as well with regard to providing the material means on which the progress of such spiritual activities as teaching and administration of the Cause so largely depends.

The glorious destiny so clearly forecast in the divine Texts beckons the dearly loved followers of the Blessed Beauty in your land to heights of striving yet to be attempted. Our heartfelt prayer at the Holy Threshold is that whatever of that destiny lies in their immediate possibilities at this critical time will be achieved with resounding triumph through their unceasing and unwavering endeavor.

With loving Baha'i greetings,
The Universal House of Justice

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