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The following is a list of about 180 items scanned by Dan Povey from the Cambridge University Library. Some are not yet OCR-ed and need to be run through an OCR program. Others have been and are online in GIF format (for proofing) and RTF or DOC (for reading). To help, download them from, then write to me at "jw AT". Please note that the TIF images are very large, since they are both uncompressed and are high resolution.

Date Author Title # of pages filename
1870s Arthur Arnold Through Persia by Caravan 7 arnold
C.M. MacGregor Central Asia Part IV: Topography, Ethnography, History 3 macgregor
Major St. John Eastern Persian: An Account of the Journeys of the Persian Boundary Commission 1870-72 4 stjohn
1880s TS Anderson My Wanderings in Persia 7 anderson
Cesar Canti Historia Contemporanea: Los Treinta Ultimos A–os 8 cantu (Spanish)
not listed Cyprus Guide and Directory 5 lang
1890s C.H. Stileman A Week with the Babis 4 church/jul_1893
C.H. Stileman The Followers of Bahá in Persia 4 church/sep_1898
1900s Duncan H. MacDonald Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence, and Constitutional Theory 5 macdonald
Robert F.Speer Missionary Principles and Practice 7 speer
Percy Molesworth Sykes Ten Thousand Miles in Persia or Eight Years in Iran 8 sykes
1910s Victor Berard Revolutions de la Persa 6 berard
Arthur E. Copping A Journalist in the Holy Land: Glimpses of Egypt and Palestine 9 copping
G.E. Franklin Palestine: Depicted and Described 5 franklin
A.R. Neligan Hints for Residents and Travellers in Persia 3 neligan
E.G. Browne The Religious Influence of Persia 5 browne1
E.G. Browne The Literature of Persia 5 browne2
E.G. Browne The Persian Press and Persian Journalism 2 browne3
G.D. Turner An Account of the Main Events in Persia during October 1912 to October 1913 3 turner
Robert Speer "The Hakim Sahib": The Foreign Doctor: A Biography of Joseph Plumb Cochran M.D. 4 speer
Ella C. Sykes Persia and Its People 8 sykes
W.M. Thomson The Land and Its Book 4 thomson
H.A. Walter The Ahmadiya Movement 9 walter
Albert D. Watson The Sovereignty of Character 4 watson
1920s G.F. Barbour The Life of Alexander Whyte 12 barbour
Millicent Fawcett Easter in Palestine, 1921-1922 9 fawcett
Norah Rowan Hamilton Both Sides of the Jordan 6 hamilton
Harry Charles Luke Anatolica 7 luke
Ralph Nevill Unconventional Memories 6 nevill
George Napier Whittingham The Home of Fadeless Splendor: The Palestine of Today 11 whittingham
Alban G. Widgery The Comparative Study of Religions 6 widgery
league of nations Permanent Mandates Commission Minutes of the Fourteenth Session, 1928 17 v14
Permanent Mandates Commission Minutes of the Sixteenth Session, 1929 6 v16
Permanent Mandates Commission Minutes of the Nineteenth Session, 1930 7 v19
Permanent Mandates Commission Minutes of the Twentieth Session, 1931 17 v20
Permanent Mandates Commission Minutes of the Twenty-first Session, 1931 10 v21
Permanent Mandates Commission Minutes of the Twenty-second Session, 1932 9 v22
Permanent Mandates Commission Minutes of the Twenty-fourth Session, 1933 15 v24
1930s Constance M. Alexander A Modern Wayfarer in Persia 6 alexander
Margaret Barr The Great Unity 16 barr
Norman Bentwich A Wanderer in the Promised Land 9 bentwich
Arthur Christensen L'Iran Sous les Sassanides 3 christensen
Douglas V. Duff Palestine Unveiled 10 duff
W.V. Emanuel The Wild Asses: A Journey through Persia 6 emanuel
Henry Filmer The Pageant of Persia: A Record of Travel by Motor in Persia 16 filmer
John Gibbons The Road to Nazareth 7 gibbons
Herbert H. Gowen A History of Religion 7 gowen
Harry Luke An Eastern Chequerboard 11 luke
Francis J. Mott Christ the Seed 10 mott
J.R. Richards Religion of the Bahá'ís 132 richards
Dexis Saurat A History of Religions 4 saurat
Owen Tweedy Cairo to Persia and Back 6 tweedy
1940s Arthur Christensen L'Iran Sous les Sassanides 3 christensen
Stanwood Cobb Security for a Failing World / Abdul-Bahá in London 113 cobb_and_abl
William Ernest Hocking Living Religions and a World Faith 8 hocking
Esco Foundation for Palestine Palestine: A Study of Jewish, Arab, and British Policies 7 palestine
Sir Arnold Wilson SW Persia: A Political Officer's Diary 1907-1914 6 wilson
1950s Jan Karel van Baalen The Chaos of Cults 12 baalen
Norman Bentwich Israel 6 bentwich
D.W. Gundry Religions: A Preliminary Historical and Theological Study 8 gundry
Stephen Hemsley Longrigg 'Iraq, 1900 to 1950: A Political, Social, and Economic History 5 longrigg
V. Monteil Iran 3 monteil
John B. Noss Man's Religions 5 noss
Weimar Port Chicago the Pagan 6 port
Charles Francis Potter The Faiths Men Live By 5 potter
Frederic Spiegelberg Living Religions of the World 11 spiegelberg
1960s A.J. Arberry Religion in the Middle East: Three Religions in Concord and Conflict: volume 1, Judaism and Christianity 11 arberry.vol1
A.J. Arberry Religion in the Middle East: Three Religions in Concord and Conflict: volume 2, Islam 7 arberry.vol2
Arthur J. Arberry Shiraz: Persian City of Saints and Poets 7 arberry2
Norman Bentwich Israel Resurgent 4 bentwich
A.C. Bouquet Sacred Books of the World 7 bouquet
John Cogley Religion in a Secular Age 5 cogley
Joan Comay Introducing Israel 10 comay
Joan Comay Introducing Israel 14 comay2
Joan Comay Israel: An Uncommon Guide 13 comay3
Richard W. Cottam Nationalism in Iran 6 cottam
Paul Ward English City and Village in Iran: Settlement and Economy in the Kirman Basin 5 english
Duncan Forbes The Heart of Iran 6 forbes
John A. Hardon Religions of the World 7 hardon
George L. Harris Iraq: Its people, its society, its culture 6 harris
Hendrik Kraemer World Cultures and World Religions 5 kraemer
Trevor Ling A History of Religion East and West 10 ling
Geoffrey Parrinder Comparative Religion 7 parrinder
Geoffrey Parrinder What World Religions Teach 9 parrinder2
Robert Payne The Splendour of Israel 10 payne
John Herman Randall The Meaning of Religion for Man 9 randall
Edith B. Schnapper The Inward Odyssey: The Concept of The Way in the Great Religions of the World 6 schnapper
Percival Spear India: A Modern History 3 spear
1970s Lory Alder and Richard Dalby The Dervish of Windsor Castle 3 alder
Hossein Amirsadeghi Twentieth-Century Iran 8 amirsadeghi
Bohdan R. Bogiurkiw Religion and Atheism in USSR and Eastern Europe 5 bociurkiw
Mary Boyce A Persian Stronghold of Zoroastrianism 7 boyce
Richard W. Cottam Nationalism in Iran 7 cottam
Finley P. Dunne The World Religions Speak on "The Relevance of Religion in the Modern World" 8 dunne
Robert Graham Iran: The Illusion of Power 11 graham
various Area Handbook for Iran 1971 8 handbook
various Area Handbook for Israel 1970 7 handbook2
C. Jouco Bleeker and Geo Widengren Historia Religionum: Handbook for the History of Religions, volume II: Religions of the Present 5 historia
Robert A. McDaniel The Shuster Mission and the Persian Constitutional Revolution 24 mcdaniel
Lucy Moorehead Freya Stark: Letters: Volume 1 11 moorehead
The Mother Questions and Answers 1950-51; Words of Long Ago 14 mother
G.A.O. van Nieuwenhuijze Sociology of the Middle East 6 nieuwen
John B. Noss Man's Religions 5 noss
Richard F. Nyrop Iran: A Country Study 22 nyrop
Raphael Patai Israel between East and West 5 patai
Albert Vail Transforming Light: The Living Heritage of World Religions 9 vail
W. Warren Wagar History and the Idea of Mankind 5 wagar
W. Warren Wagar Good Tidings: The Belief in Progress from Darwin to Marcuse 6 wagar2
Kobley Edward Whitson The Coming Convergence of World Religions 12 whitson
Denis Wright The English amongst the Persians during the Qajar Period 16 wright
1980s Gholam R. Afkhami The Iranian Revolution: Thanatos on a National Scale 6 afkhami
Haleh Afshar Iran: A Revolution in Turmail 5 afshar
Shahrough Akhavi Religion and Politics in Contemporary Iran 13 akhavi
W. Barthold An Historical Geography of Iran 16 barthold
Cheryl Benard The Government of God: Iran's Islamic Republic 6 benard
Ali Farazmand The State, Bureaucracy, and Revolution in Modern Iran 9 farazmand
Michael M. J. Fischer Iran: from Religious Dispute to Revolution 14 fischer
William H. Forbis Fall of the Peacock Throne: The Story of Iran 7 forbis
M. Reza Ghods Iran in the Twentieth Century: A Political History 20 ghods
Dilip Hiro Iran under the Ayatollahs 12 hiro
Clive Irving Crossroads of Civilization: 3000 Years of Persian History 6 irving
Homa Katouzian The Political Economy of Modern Iran: Despotism and Pseudo-Modernism 1926-1979 12 katouzian
Nikki R. Keddie Roots of Revolution: An Interpretive History of Modern Iran 17 keddie
David Kushner Palestine in the Late Ottoman Period 5 kushner
Michael Ledeen Debacle: The American Failure in Iran 8 ledeen
Lily Litvak Viaje al Interior de Persia 8 litvak (Spanish)
Vanessa Martin Islam and Modernism: the Iranian Revolution of 1906 11 martin
Farrokh Moshiri The State and Social Revolution in Iran 6 moshiri
Afsaneh Najmabadi Land Reform and Social Change in Iran 7 najmabadi
Misagh Parsa Social Origins of the Iranian Revolution 9 parsa
Parviz C. Radji In the Service of the Peacock Throne: The Diaries of the Shah's Last Ambassador to London 7 radji
Barry M. Rosen Iran since the Revolution 8 rosen
Daryush Shayegan Cultural Schizophrenia: Islamic Societies Confronting the West 4 shayegan
Albert M. Shulman The Religious Heritage of America 3 shulman
John Simpson Behind Iranian Lines 9 simpson
Ronald Sinclair Adventures in Persia: To India by the Back Door 4 sinclair
Amir Taheri The Spirit of Allah: Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution 27 taheri
Sepehr Zabih Iran since the Revolution 9 zabih
Sepehr Zabih The Left in Contemporary Iran 10 zabih2
Nazir Ahmad Zakir Notes on Iran: Aryamehr to Ayatollahs 6 zakir
1990s Ervand Abrahamian Khomeinism: Essays on the Islamic Republic 17 abrahamian
Jamal S. Al-Suwaidi Iran and the Gulf: A Search for Stability 6 alsuwaidi
Jahangir Amuzegar The Dynamics of the Iranian Revolution: The Pahlevi's Triumph and Tragedy 5 amuzegar
Bahman Baktiari Parliamentary Politics in Revolutionary Iran 16 baktiari
Cosroe Chaqueri The Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran, 1920-1921 19 chaqueri
H.E. Chehabi Iranian Politics and Religious Modernism: The Liberation Movement of Iran under the Shah and Khomeini 21 chehabi
Hamid Dabashi Theology of Discontent: The Ideological Foundations of the Islamic Republic in Iran 10 dabashi
Parvis Daneshvar Religion in Iran 11 daneshvar
Kirsten Ellis Recommendations for a Short Stay in New Delhi 3 ellis
John Foran A Century of Revolution: Social Movements in Iran 14 foran
Jane Fletcher Freya Stark: Passionate Nomad 7 geniesse
Molly Izzard Freya Stark: A Biography 5 izzard
Masoud Kamali Revolutionary Iran: Civil Society and State in the Modernization Process 11 kamali
Mehran Kamrava The Political History of Modern Iran: From Tribalism to Theocracy 5 kamrava
Mohsen M. Milani The Making of Iran's Islamic Revolution: From Monarchy to Islamic Republic 8 milani
Malise Ruthven Freya Stark in the Levant 4 ruthven
Asghar Schirazi The Constitution of Iran: Politics and the State in the Islamic Republic 8 schirazi
2000s Ali Akbar Dareini The Rise and Fall of the Pahlavi Dynasty: Memoirs of Former General Hussein Fardust 10 dareini
Lotta Levensohn Old New Land 6 herzl
Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet Frontier Fictions: Shaping the Iranian Nation, 1804-1946 15 kashani
Abbas Milani The Persian Sphinx: Amir Abbas Hoveyda and the Riddle of the Iranian Revolution 14 milani
Robin Wright The Last Great Revolution: Turmoil and Transformation in Iran 8 wright
1930s Comte de Gobineau Correspondance entre le Comte de Gobineau et le Comte de Prokesche-Osten (1854-1876) 13 gobineau
1940s Clement Huart L'Iran Antique: Elam et Perse et La Civilisation Iranienne 6 huart
1970s Jean Boissel Gobineau, L'Orient et L'Iran: Tome 1 1816-1860 14 boissel
Jean-Jacques Waardenburg L'Islam dans le Miroir de L'Occident 5 waardenburg
1860s G. Melgunof Das Sudliche Ufer des Kaspischen Meeres oder Die Nordprovinzen Persiens 7 melgunof
1900s Walter Schulz Zustande im Heutigen Persien wie sie das Reisebuch Ibrahim Begs Enthullt 10 schulz
1920s Alfons Gabriel Im Weltfernen Orient 5 gabriel
Hermann Norden Persien wie es ist und war mit Karavane, Auto und Flugzeug durch Rifas Konigreich 8 norden
1940s Rudolf Strothmann Die Mysterien des Christentum 7 hundbuch
1950s Helmuth von Glasenapp Die Funf Grossen Religionen 8 glasenapp
various Die Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Handworterbuch fur Theologie und Religionswissenschaft 3 handworterbuch
1960s Fritz Bammel Die Religionen der Welt und der Friede auf Erden 8 bammel
Alessandra Bausani Die Perser von den Anfangen bis zur Gegenwart 6 bausani
1970s Alfred Bertholet Lehrbuch der Religionsgeschichte 9 bertholet
Ernst Dammann Grundris der Religionsgeschichte 6 dammann
1980s Julius Richter Allgemeine Evangelische Missionsgeschichte: Mission und Evangelisation im Orient 7 richter
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