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Prefaces and appendices
Introduction for Bahá'ís
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Lango Contents
Title Pages and Key
Preface and Introduction
Chapter 1 The Origins and Spread of English
Chapter 2 English as an Auxiliary Language
Chapter 3 English as a Primary Language
Chapter 4 English and Other Languages
Chapter 5 The Constructed Languages
Chapter 6 The International Auxiliary Language
Chapter 7 The International Language Committee
Chapter 8 Constructed and Organic Languages
Chapter 9 Language in Education and the Media
Chapter 10 Orthography and Orthoepy
Chapter 11 The Language of Empire
Chapter 12 Pidgins and Creoles
Chapter 13 English Grammar
Chapter 14 LANGO Grammar
Chapter 15 LANGO Vocabulary
Chapter 16 LANGO Phonology
Chapter 17 LANGO Orthography
Chapter 18 A History of English Spelling Revision
Chapter 19 A Suggestion Towards Orthographic Reform
Chapter 20 International Pronunciation and Accent
Chapter 21   Names and Organisation
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