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  1. Communicative Interaction  Read  

  2. Course on Teaching Christians about the Baha'i Faith  Read  

  3. Dianne Bradford's Personal Page  Read  

  4. Dying for God  Read  

  5. Ehsan Bayat's Personal Page  Read  

  6. John Cornell's Personal Page  Read  

  7. Jonah Winters' personal page at the Baha'i Library Online  Read  

  8. Martyrdom in Jihad  Read  

  9. Origins of Shi'ism  Read  

  10. Personal Site of Brett Zamir  Read  

  11. References to Christ in His Tablet to Pope Pius IX  Read  

  12. Rewriting the Script  Read  

  13. Saying Nothing about No-Thing  Read  

  14. Shi'i Qur'an  Read  

  15. Themes of 'The Erotic' in Sufi Mysticism  Read  

  16. Thinking in Buddhism  Read  

  17. Training Course on the Hidden Words  Read  

  18. Winters Web Works portfolio  Read