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  1. Baha'i Faith in America as Panopticon 1963-1997, The, by Juan Cole  Read  

  2. Baha'i Leads out of the Labyrinth, by Ruth White  Read  

  3. Baha'is, The, by Baha'i International Community  Read  

  4. Basic Baha'i Chronology, The, by Glenn Cameron, and Historical Dictionary of the Baha'i Faith, by Hugh Adamson  Read  

  5. Brilliant Proof, The, by Abu'l-Fadl Gulpaygani  Read  

  6. Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith, by Moojan Momen  Read  

  7. Century of Light, by the Universal House of Justice  Read  

  8. Collected Poems of Robert Hayden, by Robert Hayden  Read  

  9. Community Histories, by Richard Hollinger  Read  

  10. Dimensions in Spirituality, by Jack McLean  Read  

  11. Do They Hear You When You Cry, by Fauziya Kassindja and Layli Miller Bashir  Read  

  12. Edward Granville Browne and the Baha'i Faith, by H.M. Balyuzi  Read  

  13. Eternal Quest For God, The, by Julio Savi  Read  

  14. Five New Recordings of Baha'i Music  Read  

  15. God Passes By, by Shoghi Effendi  Read  

  16. God, Chance, and Necessity, by Keith Ward  Read  

  17. Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith, by Moojan Momen  Read  

  18. Kingdom of the Cults, by Walter Martin  Read  

  19. Lexus and the Olive Tree, The, by Thomas Friedman  Read  

  20. Making the Crooked Straight, by Udo Schaefer, Nicola Towfigh, and Ulrich Gollmer  Read  

  21. Making the Crooked Straight, review by Denis MacEoin  Read  

  22. Muhammad and the Course of Islam, by H.M. Balyuzi  Read  

  23. Origins of the Baha'i Community of Canada 1898-1948, The, by Will C. van den Hoonaard  Read  

  24. Paradise and Paradigm, by Christopher Buck  Read  

  25. Persian Mirrors, by Elaine Sciolino  Read  

  26. Persian Revolution of 1905-1909, The, by E. G. Browne  Read  

  27. Psychology of Spirituality, The, by H.B. Danesh  Read  

  28. Radio Baha'i Ecuador, by Kurt Hein  Read  

  29. Rituals in Babism and Baha'ism, by Denis MacEoin  Read  

  30. Sacred Acts, Sacred Space, Sacred Time, by John Walbridge  Read  

  31. Scripture and Revelation, by Moojan Momen  Read  

  32. Search for a Just Society, The, by John Huddleston  Read  

  33. Short History of the Baha'i Faith, by Peter Smith, and Short Introduction to the Baha'i Faith, by Moojan Momen  Read  

  34. Some Reflections on Modernity and the Millennium, a response by Amin Banani  Read  

  35. Thief in the Night or The Strange Case of the Missing Millennium, by William Sears  Read  

  36. Transition to a Global Society, by Suhail Bushrui  Read  

  37. Who is Writing the Future? Reflections on the Twentieth Century, by Baha'i International Community  Read  

  38. i baha'i, by Margit Warburg  Read