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  1. Address at Queen's Birthday Weekend Conference, Aukland  Read  

  2. Baha'i Horizons in the 21st Century  Read  

  3. Challenges of the Construction of a New Morality  Read  

  4. Excerpt from an interview with Raul PavÛn  Read  

  5. From Adrianople to Akka  Read  

  6. Humanity's Coming Encounter with Baha'u'llah  Read  

  7. Marriage and Sexuality  Read  

  8. Mental Tests  Read  

  9. Nature and Challenge of Tests, The  Read  

  10. North American Indian Prophecies  Read  

  11. Notes on the Twentieth Century  Read  

  12. Notes to a talk given by Hand of the Cause Leroy Ioas, Pasadena California, 1960  Read  

  13. Obedience  Read  

  14. Remembering Shoghi Effendi as Interpreter  Read  

  15. Talks in Africa 2001  Read  

  16. Time of Peril, Prospects for Peace  Read  

  17. Tribute to Shoghi Effendi, A  Read  

  18. Whatever happened to the Double Crusade?  Read  

  19. World's Equilibrium, The  Read